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Plastifab Industries

Rutherford, New Jersey


Plastifab Industries produces a wide variety of extruded profile shapes, rods and tubes in both engineering (Polycarbonate, Nylons, Ultem, PEEK, Noryl) and utility thermoplastics such as Acrylic, PVC HDPE, LDPE, Polypropylene and Acetal. Plastifab’s extrusion expertise, which spans over 30 years, is prepared to meet your every need for thermoplastic shapes. Plastifab also carries a wide range of extruded stock shapes.

Airtech Incorporated

Rutherford, New Jersey



Airtech Vacuum is a full line manufacturer of regenerative blowers and a wide range of vacuum and pressure technologies including liquid ring vacuum pumps, DC variable speed blowers, vacuum pump blowers and oil-free vacuum pumps. Airtech provides products and services throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Our pumps and blowers are utilized for most applications in many industries where vacuum and/or pressure systems are required. Contact us today at 877- 790-8770 to learn more about our vacuum pumps and blowers.

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