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Venture Mold & Tool inc.

Robbinsville, New Jersey


ITS ALL IN THE TOOL! A Brief History of Venture Mold. 1980- My father, who worked at GTE, asked if I wanted to be an apprentice moldmaker, I said yes, After day one, I knew this is what I wanted to do. After 3 weeks, I knew I wanted to have my own business some day. 1984- GTE was sold and I was layed off. I went to work for a medium sized molder as a subcontractor ( designed and built molds for them using their machinery). This is where I met Todd, my now right hand man. He was the best molder, toolmaker, and machine repair technician I'd ever seen. 1986- The molder I was working for began molding automotive parts with existing molds. They hired Me hourly to do repair work to their tired molds. 1987- My father was layed off from a plant closing. We purchased machinery, put it in his basement,and Venture Mold was born. 1997- Two weeks before we were moving to our new current location, My father had a severe stroke ending his working career. 1999- After working solo for 2 years, I hired Todd and purcased CNC equipment to keep up with the times. 2003- Four years of steady work for 2 major customers and within one month, we lost both of them to China. 2004- The American toolmaking business was not what it used to be. After hearing " If I could get the mold cheap, I can get all the molding I want" time after time from the molders I was seeking the toolwork from, We decided to get our own molding machines. We already had a top notch molder and we could make all the molds we needed (thats the hard part, molding is not difficult if you have a quality mold). 2006- Joined to expand our bussiness from 50% toolmaking and 50% molding to 100% molding and toolmaking only for our own use. To anyone looking to have parts injection molded, be shure to choose a toolshop based molder rather than a salesman based molder. Henry Ford was a toolmaker, Bill Ford is a salesman. Who would you rather have molding your parts? Bill Gosselin President & Toolmaker Venture Mold & Tool Co. Inc.

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