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Pro-Gasket Manufacturing, Inc.

Haskell, New Jersey


ProGasket is a multi million dollar stamping and manufacturing house. Specializing in automotive and aircraft parts.ProGasket constantly strives for new and advanced methods of manufacturing. As a quality manufacturer of progresive and compound precision stampings as well as CNC Machined parts. We can provide parts from prototypes to very high production.Parts are manufactured from various materials, which include: plastics, steel, copper, inconel, hastelloy, aluminum, beryllium copper, brass, stainless steel, kovar, and others. Additional processes included are heat treating, annealing and plating.Located in Haskell, NJ in a newly remodeled 35,000 sq. foot building.

Stampex Tool & Die, Inc.

Haskell, New Jersey


35+ years of precision metal stamping and die building. All dies are built and maintained in house. All stamping jobs are run in house.

Green Country Machining Technology, LLC.

Haskell, Oklahoma

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Green Country Machinig Technology, LLC performs CNC machining of quality metal parts for use in the manufacturing industry. Owner, Ricky Vue, has 12 years of experience as a CNC Machinist with a diversified array of equipment, and over 8 years as the owner/operator of his own business. Green Country Machinig Technology, LLC provides superior product and service satisfaction to its customers by meeting or exceeding the customer's expectation each and every time: making JK Machining a leader in small business machining. Machined parts are make per print and per sample and include: roll, shaft, bushing, hub, pin, stud, screw, nozzle, fitting, sleeve, housing, nut, bolt, wheel, knob, rod, spacer, washer, bracket, hinge, tube, plate, rail, block and tig welding.Green Country Machinig Technology, LLC also services with repair and/or customizes per sample.

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