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Hantekt Industrial

Hamilton, Ontario

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Hantek is a leading company in the market dedicated to metal manufacturing. Our engineering and methods in process development allow us to satisfy the needs of our customers by providing unique solutions in the transformation of steel and its derivatives.

HANTEKT INDUSTRIAL is proud to have the best Human and technological Resources especially dedicated to the development of its projects and ideas, delivering the best results in manufacturing processes, capable of responding and exceeding the expectations of our consumers by providing comprehensive solutions with the most high quality at the lowest cost.

Our vision is to consolidate ourselves as a highly competitive Mexican company with a national and international presence in the Metal-Mechanical and engineering development branch.

Triton Metal Products

Hamilton, Indiana

Triton Metal Products is an industry-leading metal fabrication company. We are known for our smart partnership style, our smart problem-solving capabilities, and our innovative technologies and processes.

The pairing of the smartest minds along with the most technologically advanced machines delivers a unique Minds + Machines solution to the toughest challenges our customers face.

While we are proud of our reputation of staying ahead of the curve on behalf of our customers, we know that technology alone isn’t enough. It is our team… and the expertise and smarts of our team members… that enables us to conquer the many challenges our customers look to us to help them with. It is what allows us to deliver like no one else.

Triton has a strong history and commitment to continuous process improvement. Today that is reflected in our company’s drive to be:

Smart + Factory means an interconnected knowledge hub, employing the latest and greatest innovative technologies… where less is more… where working smarter not harder is the norm… where people and machines are connected and helping one another solve problems to most optimally satisfy the customer… and where the work environment is vibrant, easy, and rewarding for our Tritons...

A company that is powered by Smart + Manufacturing... using innovative approaches, techniques, processes, systems, practices and advanced production models to deliver one of a kind solutions.

Best-of-class Smart + minds delivering Smart + Solutions for our customers in a manner that no one else does and no one else can.

Our greater purpose is to make a meaningful difference in the lives and businesses we touch. We proudly say that we have no employees here… only Tritons… the best of the best… making and being that meaningful difference each and every day!


Hamilton, New Jersey


Embedded360 Inc (E360) is a leading contract manufacturer providing end-end manufacturing and engineering solutions, delivering superior quality and support to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Tier-1, and aftermarket suppliers primarily in automotive and industrial systems.At E360 we strive to exceed client expectations in quality, delivery, service and time to market and build long-term relationships based on exception Client Satisfaction Index (CSI). Our Clients Engage E360 for realizing maximum value to integrate their end to end engineering and manufacturing workflows: Electronics PCBA Assemblies Molding Casting Machining Wiring Harness Final Box build and Assemblies Value added Service Include: Hardware and PCBA Designs, Firmware Design and Development, Value/Sustenance Engineering, Mechanical and Industrial Design and Rapid Prototyping. Why Embedded360? Integrated manufacturing environment backed up with in-house design and engineering capabilities Best of the product value (by value engineering), without sacrificing the quality Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than competitors Guaranteed cost savings of 35% Assured product reliability with matured supply chain integrated with OEMs and proven suppliers Reliable product support mechanism, which provides traceability up to the component level

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