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Comtron Inc

Enghishtown, New Jersey


Comtron was founded during 1962. We began brazing transmission lines for use in the microwave communication field. This led to our production of parts for antennas. Over the years, we concentrated on component fabrication and providing our customers with high quality services and on time delivery. We realized that providing low prices for our services would attract additional customers over time. The company changed ownership in 1989 and the Comtron efforts were directed towards "growing" the business. We sought and acquired new customers in related fields and began to invest in machinery and equipment, that allowed us to make components for the assemblies that we produced. Our efforts were always directed towards becoming the low cost producer of any component or assembly. We make literally thousands of different parts and hundreds of assemblies - all of which find their way to other marketers. We are not competitors to our customers; we are supporters of their efforts. We employ about 20 persons, all of whom are dedicated towards meeting or exceeding the requirements of our customers. In many instances, we have provided customers with suggestions and advice, as to how more economical designs can benefit their products and provide them significant cost benefits. Most recently we have invested in Swiss Turning machinery, which allows us to produce high precision intricate components that were previously thought to be impossible to produce. An example of such parts is illustrated. We invite your inquiries and will provide a quick response with pricing and delivery schedules. Give us a try if you are looking for a good company that respects customers needs and confidences.

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