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Aluminum Shapes

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Delair, New Jersey

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Located in Delair, New Jersey, Aluminum Shapes has been in the aluminum extrusion business since 1954. We started out with only one extrusion press and since have grown to 6 presses ranging from 2000 ton up to 6500 ton with capabilities to extrude 24 inch wide shapes. Aluminum Shapes also has their own fabrication department with many different capabilities for not only aluminum extrusion but also various kinds of materials. I did list our equipment in our company profile. Shapes also has their anodizing line for longer larger pieces of aluminum, we are however in the process of designing and building multiple fixtures so we can anodize smaller parts as well. The anodizing colors we offer is clear, black, bronze, and champaign. Aluminum Shapes is also ISO certified. We offer all of these services under one roof.

Aluminum Shapes

Delair, New Jersey

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


As the “World’s Premier Aluminum Extruder” and one of only three or four in North America of its size and versatility, Aluminum Shapes has the capability of operating seven extrusion presses to meet ongoing
customer demand. These various presses are designed to satisfy a broad range of profile sizes (up to 40.0 lbs/ft.), stock alloys, and standard tempers as follows:
Presses: Sutton I 7? Press 2,000 Ton 6? Circle Size
Sutton II 7?/9? Press 2,750 Ton 12? Circle Size
Sutton III 7? Press 2,200 Ton 6? Circle Size
Sutton IV 9? Press 2,750 Ton 9? Circle Size
BLH 11? Press 3,300 Ton 14? Circle Size
Clearing 14? Press 5,000 Ton 14? Circle Size
Danieli 16? Press 6,500 Ton 24? Circle Size
Stock Alloys 6060 6061 6063 1350 6101 6005 6105

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