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Ace Machine Inc

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East Hampstead, New Hampshire


Ace Machine, Inc., established in 1983, is located on Rte. 111 in East Hampstead, New Hampshire. Ace Machine, Inc. employs fifteen workers, averaging eleven years of experience in the machining industry. We machine a variety of plastic and metal materials, as well as specialized materials such as MICROSIL. CNC Vertical Milling Dept 1 HAAS VF-5 Milling Center (table travel 26" x 50") 1 HAAS VF-4 Milling Center (table travel 20 x 50 with through coolant spindle) 1 HAAS VF-3 Milling Center 2 HAAS VF0E Milling Centers (complete with all accessories) 1 HAAS HRT310 Programmable Rotary Table Indexer 1 HAAS H5C Digital Indexing Head Tek-Soft Cad/Cam System / Procam II Solids Machining Turning Equipment 1 HAAS SL-20 CNC lathe 1 HAAS SL-20 CNC lathe with bar feed (for production) Hardinge Chucker (8 station turret with auto threading attachment) Hardinge second operation machine (6 station turret) Summit 19 X 40 Lathe (complete with all accessories Manual Milling 5 NC Milling Machines equipped with ProtoTrak 2 Bridgeport milling machines, with digital readouts and power feeds Rockwell drill press Rockwell 4 head drill press 5 various size tapping heads and all accessories 2 speedycut tapping machines (for production) Secondary and Finishing Equipment 1 Autosert press for hardware installation (e.g. PEM) 1 Clausing surface grinder 2 Rockwell 8 bench grinders 2 Baldor bench grinders/deburring 1 6 belt and disc sander 1 Zero bead blasting unit 60 x 48 1 Timesaver 19 with wet system 1 Arbor press, 5 ton capacity 1 Hydraulic/Air Ram Press 10 ton capacity 1 Vibratory Machine 1.2 c.u. for steel and stainless (Deburring) 1 Vibratory Machine 4 c.u. for Aluminum only 1 Miller MIG welding machine 1 Miller TIG welding machine 250 DX with all accessories 1 Baldor tooling grinder with diamond wheel 1 Pneumatic Heli-coil inserter with all adapters Orbital sander General Shop Tools 1 Rockwell 14 band saw 1 Kalamazoo Horizontal cut off saw 1 Kalamazoo abrasive cut off saw 1 MCS variable speed band saw w/ power feed 2 Dremmel Kits w/ Accessories Hand Grinders, electric and air Ultrasonic cleaner and Gray Mills basin Inspection Equipment Brown Sharp Micor-Hite 350 w/ Accessories Mitatoyo Electronic Surface Roughness Gage Yale 12 Optical Comparator Starrett Surface Plate 48 x 72 1 Set of Doall Guage Blocks 1 Mitutoyo 12.5 height master 1 Mitutoyo 18 digital height gauge 1 Mitutoyo 24 digital height gauge Mitutoyo Dial Calipers 6, 8, and 12 Starrett 26 Vernier Calipers Starrett 50 Vernier Calipers Starrett 7 Inside Diameter Dial Calipers 3 Starrett Dial Drop Indicators w/ special tips Mitutoyo Blade Micrometers .001-1.000 Starrett 1-3 Depth Micrometers Mitutoyo 1-6 Micrometer Set Starrett10-11 Micrometer Mitutoyo 16-17 Micrometer Starrett Precision Squares, large and small Mitutoyo Inside Groove Micrometers (Adjustable Sizes) Radius gauge set Various thread gauges Vermont Minus gauge pins .011-1.000 Mitutoyo Digital surface tester Deltronic Sets .1250/ .1875/ .2500/ .5000 Deltronic gauge pins (ordered for a specific job) Mitutoyo Bore gauges 1.000-12.000 Multiple Dial Indicators for shop use Brown Sharpe Dial Indicator .0001 (Inspection Only) Starrett protractor Sine Bar .100-4.000 Ultra Precise Gauge Blocks Some of the above items have been replaced and/or upgraded. If there are any questions regarding other equipment available at Ace, please feel free to contact us at (603) 329-6716.

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