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Outsourcing Solutions

Peterborough, New Hampshire


Here at Outsourcing Solutions, we specialize in castings and forgings of all sizes made in all steel and stainless alloys, aluminum, titanium and bronzes. We do have a minimum order quantity of 1! Our manufacturing capabilities can generate rapid prototypes to virtually any combination of run lengths and volumes. Bill Taylor, our owner, is a 5th Generation Foundryman who has grown and developed our reputation from a rock-solid work ethic, knowledgeable product understanding and excellent customer service. Whether making castings, forgings or machined parts, our high quality products are delivered globally to a very diverse customer base over the years.


5.00 (2)

Bedford, New Hampshire



LeanMold prides itself in providing a wholistic approach to bringing your product to market on budget, on time, every time. We believe that building strong partnerships with our customer from inception is incredibly important and we work closely with our customers to engender complete trust. We will listen to your product vision and apply our extensive experience, technical knowledge, and resourcefulness to bring your product to life. We look forward to partnering with you.

The unprecedented value that we provide to our customers is only possible by leaning out every element of the manufacturing process and marrying material selection, part design, mold design, processing, and assembly from the beginning. Our extensive experience in program management, quality, plastics engineering, part and mold design, scientific molding and lean manufacturing allows for a wholistic approach that eliminates waste through every step of the value stream. We continue to push the boundaries in the injection molding space using technology and innovation. Our unique and proprietary methods allows us to outprice and outperform any domestic or overseas competition. We are the molder that has leaned out and simplified the entire mold building process using technology, standardization and innovation.

Our current capabilities include full design services, CNC machining, mold making, injection molding, pad printing, and laser engraving. Our leaned out processes allows for quick turnarounds and competitive pricing making us the partner of choice for development, prototype and production services.

Triple S Specialties, LLC

Hudson, Colorado

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We are a machine and production shop that will surely handle all of your machining needs. We offer a variety of milling and lathe cutting tools, including end mills, drills, and taps. We provide: end mills, drills, taps, cutting tool kits, milling inserts, lathe inserts and much more! Contact us today for your quote!

Link-Access Inc

3.50 (20)

Nashua, New Hampshire


Company Profile: Link-Access Inc. is a distributor of various industrial products including,Metal Wires, Wire Mesh, Precision Machined Parts and Electronic PC Board Assemblies, required by original equipment manufacturers in USA and Canada. These products are sourced from reputed manufacturers in China, India and Taiwan. The products are of international quality and are offered at very competitive prices. The products that Link-Access offer are not just the products, it is the end result of an integration with quality,cost-effectivenessand best services.Our global vision enables us to serve our customers effectively resulting in substantial cost savings for them. We realize the need for our customers to sustain the challenges of today's rapidly changing world and offer suitable solutions, by sourcing required products from countries like China, India ot Taiwan, where cost of production is lower.We are skilled in handling custom-made products as well. From products design suggestion, identifying suitable manufacturer, sample production, to shipment, our professional team would always be your friendly and helpful partner.Our goalisto link manufacturers in North America with suppliers in countries such as China, India and Taiwan where manufacturing costs are optimized. We provide access to products of high quality, withan affordableprice structure and superior service. Above all, we are continuously working to learn and improve our services to source high quality custom industrial products. Link-Access is headed by Dr. Sajjan Chandra who has 25 years of experience in manufacturing, marketing and sales of industrial products catering to the need of the international markets.

A-One Precision Machine LLC

5.00 (1)

Wilton, New Hampshire


Very small Company. Low overhead, reasonable rates. Fast turnaround.

WH Bagshaw Co Inc

4.50 (2)

Nashua, New Hampshire


Since 1870, led by five generations of Bagshaw's, the Bagshaw Company has been a major domestic and international supplier of all types of pins, pin assemblies and wire products. In fact, we're the oldest pin makers in America. Our offerings have evolved over generations from textile, hand tools and phonograph needs to serving the Medical,Aerospace, Defense,and High Techindustries. Our dedication to world-class manufacturing that washonedin the manufacturing ofmoresimple pinscontinues with our CNC department. Our many years of experience andcomprehensive pin knowledgeallow us to provide solutions to all our customers' continually changing needs. We manufacture to exact specifications and precise tolerances, and embody lean principles, includingcontinuous improvement and reduction of waste toensureour competitive position in the marketplace. To better serve our European clients we have opened a sales office in Portugal. To contact our European Sales office please email Peter Brennan at Thank you. To get a better feel for our company please click on our VIDEO page link in the lower left corner. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Nordic Machine Services

4.67 (3)

Berlin, New Hampshire


Nordic Machine Services Nordic Machine Services, is a full service machine shop, specializing in prototype and production runs of parts for medical, government and industrial applications. If you are looking for quality parts and great customer service we would like to assist you. With over 50 years of experience, our team of expert machinists stand ready to support your next project. Our capabilities include: CNC Milling and Turning Services in addition to conventional milling and turning services. We specialize in the machining of exotic metals (i.e. titanium, aluminum, tool steel, polymers) in addition to conventional materials. Further, we offer high precision machining services.Nordic Machine Services also offers general fabrication and welding services (i.e. service platforms, hand railings, machine guards). At Nordic Machine Services, our business philosophy is to build a lasting relationship with our customers rooted in superior customer satisfaction and competitive pricing. For more information on our services please contact us.


5.00 (9)

Center Conway, New Hampshire


"Dealing with EMM Precision Inc. will be the smoothest simplest transaction you've ever experienced. Supply PO, Print, solid files, and recieve beautiful quality parts on time. No excuses no B.S." E.M.M. PRECISION, INC., is a contract manufacturing machine shop located in Center Conway, NH. E.M.M. has built a reputation as a "premier quality supplier". We have achieved and maintained a vendor rating of 99.7% with our customers and steadily strive to maintain high standards for on time, per the print and responsible pricing requirements. Here at E.M.M. we take our customers seriously, each customer is as valued as the next. We attend to the needs of our customers in the most efficient means possible. From the moment an order is received, through its completion and shipment, attention is paid to the quality and efficiency of the item being produced. Providing service and producing quality products are the hallmarks of E.M.M. Precision Inc. Customer satisfaction is validated by the award letters in our files. Our major philosophies are as follows: Provide the highest possible quality component, delivered on time. We recognize that price is always the bottom line, but think of the power you get when you can have all three! We are a highly flexible company and will tailor our offerings to meet the different needs and wants of our customers. The attitude here is that we will solve your machining problems whether they are material, finish, or time constraints. When a customer purchases from us, they enter a partnership with us, one of confidence. Our continued success at E.M.M. is based on total customer satisfaction. Our customer's know we ARE willing to work with them. In the age of Automation and Voice Mail, it makes all the difference in the world when you find someone who really listens when you have a special need. We Listen! If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Charlie Gagnon, President of E.M.M. Precision. Equipment List: Turning Nakamura Tome TMC -15 Gildemeister Sprint 32 Ganesh Cyclone 32 CS Ganesh Miniturn Hurco TMM 8 Hurco TMM 8 Hurco TM8i Hurco TM8i Hurco TM6i Milling Hurco BMC 3017 Hurco BMC 3017 Hurco VM20i Hurco VMX 60/40T Hurco VM1 Hurco VM1 Hurco VM1 Hurco VM1 Hurco VM1P ProtoTrak / Kondia FV-1 / Trak A.G.E. II ProtoTrak / Kondia FV-1 / Trak A.G.E. II ProtoTrak / Kondia FV-1 / Trak A.G.E. II ProtoTrak SMX Trak 3 K3 ProtoTrak SM Trak 3 K3

JCB Performance

5.00 (2)

Concord, New Hampshire


High Performance Multi-Axis Machining JCB Performance Machine is a CNC machined component manufacturer for a multitude of industries including Aerospace, Defense, Petroleum, Alternative Energy, Performance Automotive, Machinery, and Thermal Spray. We specialize in making your custom precision parts with care and craftsmanship that will exceed your expectations.CNC Turning and MachiningWe utilize latest multi-axis turning/milling equipment with a focus of making simple and complex parts in one machining operation. Our state-of-the-art equipment consists of CNC Lathes with Live Tooling, Second Spindles, Y-Axis, etc. We also utilize true multi-tasking machining centers for higher complexity parts, such as our Mazak Integrex, which is essentially a 5-axis Mill operating on a twin spindle lathe platform. Quality and IntegrityJCB Performance Machine strives to be your first choice machining solution by providing unparalleled quality, on-time delivery, and manufacturing engineering support at a fair price. Utilizing state-of-the-art multi-axis machines, advanced metrology equipment, and thorough quality control system, Commitment to Quality Excellence is our promise to you. Our process control and continuous improvement strategies enable us to be uniquely well suited for repeat and contract, small to medium sized production runs. Customers often provide feedback that our products have exceeded their expectations. That is our goal and why we hope you will choose us. We welcome the opportunity to become your manufacturing partner. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: Check out photos and videos of recent parts running through the shop, browse or leave feedback,or engage in conversation about your parts we are producing for you.

New Hampshire Industries Inc.

Clarmeont, New Hampshire


New Hampshire Indsutries has a 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility in New Hampshire with numerous processes and capabilties under roof. NHI has core competencies in metal stamping and fabrication, precision and high volume machining, plastic injection molding, welding, and custom assembly for a variety of industries including but not limited to; Farm and Agriculture, Material Handling, Elevators, Outdoor Power Equipment, Aerospace, Medical, Appliances and HVAC.

Ace Machine Inc

5.00 (5)

East Hampstead, New Hampshire


Ace Machine, Inc., established in 1983, is located on Rte. 111 in East Hampstead, New Hampshire. Ace Machine, Inc. employs fifteen workers, averaging eleven years of experience in the machining industry. We machine a variety of plastic and metal materials, as well as specialized materials such as MICROSIL. CNC Vertical Milling Dept 1 HAAS VF-5 Milling Center (table travel 26" x 50") 1 HAAS VF-4 Milling Center (table travel 20 x 50 with through coolant spindle) 1 HAAS VF-3 Milling Center 2 HAAS VF0E Milling Centers (complete with all accessories) 1 HAAS HRT310 Programmable Rotary Table Indexer 1 HAAS H5C Digital Indexing Head Tek-Soft Cad/Cam System / Procam II Solids Machining Turning Equipment 1 HAAS SL-20 CNC lathe 1 HAAS SL-20 CNC lathe with bar feed (for production) Hardinge Chucker (8 station turret with auto threading attachment) Hardinge second operation machine (6 station turret) Summit 19 X 40 Lathe (complete with all accessories Manual Milling 5 NC Milling Machines equipped with ProtoTrak 2 Bridgeport milling machines, with digital readouts and power feeds Rockwell drill press Rockwell 4 head drill press 5 various size tapping heads and all accessories 2 speedycut tapping machines (for production) Secondary and Finishing Equipment 1 Autosert press for hardware installation (e.g. PEM) 1 Clausing surface grinder 2 Rockwell 8 bench grinders 2 Baldor bench grinders/deburring 1 6 belt and disc sander 1 Zero bead blasting unit 60 x 48 1 Timesaver 19 with wet system 1 Arbor press, 5 ton capacity 1 Hydraulic/Air Ram Press 10 ton capacity 1 Vibratory Machine 1.2 c.u. for steel and stainless (Deburring) 1 Vibratory Machine 4 c.u. for Aluminum only 1 Miller MIG welding machine 1 Miller TIG welding machine 250 DX with all accessories 1 Baldor tooling grinder with diamond wheel 1 Pneumatic Heli-coil inserter with all adapters Orbital sander General Shop Tools 1 Rockwell 14 band saw 1 Kalamazoo Horizontal cut off saw 1 Kalamazoo abrasive cut off saw 1 MCS variable speed band saw w/ power feed 2 Dremmel Kits w/ Accessories Hand Grinders, electric and air Ultrasonic cleaner and Gray Mills basin Inspection Equipment Brown Sharp Micor-Hite 350 w/ Accessories Mitatoyo Electronic Surface Roughness Gage Yale 12 Optical Comparator Starrett Surface Plate 48 x 72 1 Set of Doall Guage Blocks 1 Mitutoyo 12.5 height master 1 Mitutoyo 18 digital height gauge 1 Mitutoyo 24 digital height gauge Mitutoyo Dial Calipers 6, 8, and 12 Starrett 26 Vernier Calipers Starrett 50 Vernier Calipers Starrett 7 Inside Diameter Dial Calipers 3 Starrett Dial Drop Indicators w/ special tips Mitutoyo Blade Micrometers .001-1.000 Starrett 1-3 Depth Micrometers Mitutoyo 1-6 Micrometer Set Starrett10-11 Micrometer Mitutoyo 16-17 Micrometer Starrett Precision Squares, large and small Mitutoyo Inside Groove Micrometers (Adjustable Sizes) Radius gauge set Various thread gauges Vermont Minus gauge pins .011-1.000 Mitutoyo Digital surface tester Deltronic Sets .1250/ .1875/ .2500/ .5000 Deltronic gauge pins (ordered for a specific job) Mitutoyo Bore gauges 1.000-12.000 Multiple Dial Indicators for shop use Brown Sharpe Dial Indicator .0001 (Inspection Only) Starrett protractor Sine Bar .100-4.000 Ultra Precise Gauge Blocks Some of the above items have been replaced and/or upgraded. If there are any questions regarding other equipment available at Ace, please feel free to contact us at (603) 329-6716.

Bolton Aerospace Inc

Manchester, Connecticut


Bolton Aerospace, formerly Moran Tool and Die, has been supplying quality precision machined products for over thirty years to many direct OEM suppliers of commercial, aerospace and defense manufacturers and has earned a reputation as a trusted source for high quality and on time delivery as well as being able to respond to short notice urgent schedule requirements while never losing our personal service touch.

Precision Model Fab, Inc

Nashua, New Hampshire


Preision Model Fab, Inc is a full service Machining, Fabrication and Assembly facility. Over 20 years of experience and reliability in the manuracturing arena has brought us success and many happy clients. SERVICES: Precision CNC Machining Precision CNC Milling Precision CNC Turning Wire EDM Grinding Bending Cutting Welding - TIG Forming Sub Assemblies Tooling for Machines Our commitment is to our customers. Quality, On Time Delivery is our duty and success story. Please call or email us with all your manufacturing projects! We appreciate the consideration!

Gaston Industrial Machining, LLC.

4.75 (4)

Belmont, North Carolina



GASTON INDUSTRIAL MACHINING, LLC is a minority (female) owned full service job shop located in Belmont, North Carolina. We offer: CNC Milling CNC Milling and Turning Welding Industrial Electronics Repair Textile Parts All our employees have over 20 years of experience in their respective fields. GASTON INDUSTRIAL MACHINING, LLC strives to produce high quality parts, while also ensuring that all parts are attractive when they are shipped to our customers! We pride ourselves in our ability to perform in a high pressure, time sensitive environment. Our manufacturing schedule has allowed GASTON INDUSTRIAL MACHINING to promise the impossible and to accomplish that promise every time!

Advanced Machine Technologies

5.00 (1)

Londonderry, New Hampshire


Bob started on the bench as a toolmaker 35 years ago while attending college to get his engineering degree. After graduating, he started a very successful machine shop specializing in designing product, tooling, aerospace, and medical devices. Bob decided to sell his company and he moved on to working in many different aspects of manufacturing and engineering fromManufacturing Manager at a Global medical company, Manager of Manufacturing Engineering for a worldwide plumbing company, Operations Manager for a worldwide thermal device management company, VP of Operations for a Global turnaround company helping troubled companies, and VP of Operations for a medical instrument company. Bob decided to leave the corporate world and get back to his roots where he is the happiest. And that was the birth of Advanced Machine Technologies. Our team takes extreme pride in our work and producesproducts focusing on precision, quality,and on time delivery.

Sunapee Precision Corporation

5.00 (5)

Newport, New Hampshire


Sunapee Precision manufactures precision machined components to our customer's specifications. A Veteran Owned Small Business, we haveover 20 years experience in manufacturing aerospace, medical, defense and industrial engineered components. We are committed to providing quality service to our customers. We believe that our reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. Sunapee Precision frequently exceeds our customer's expectations. This is done through our quality management systems, cost controls and our reliable and friendly customer service. Give us a call. You will be thrilled with the results. CAPABILITIES Sunapee Precision values Swiss-type automatic machines because they are ideally suited for their ability to provide precise, close tolerance machining of complex features on small and large components through the entire manufacturing cycle. We have increased the effectiveness of these machines with integrated high-pressure coolant systems. This technology provides chip control at the tool tip for machining difficult, stringy metals and through-the-tool coolant feed for deep drilling operations. Automatic bar-loaders further complement our Swiss department by increasing the production efficiency and yields of precision components. .032" to 1.333" turning diameter Tolerances held within .00015. Fanuc controls Quick lead times Flexible schedule Certified workmanship

ALC Manufacturing, LLC

5.00 (3)

Brentwood, New Hampshire


Auger Laser was established in 1999.ALC specializes in laser cutting, Engraving, Die cutting, Prototyping,and Silkscreeningservices. Our goal is to go 'a step beyond' the competition, with a staff that has over 20 years of experience in working with lasers, laser cutting, die cutting, engraving, prototyping, and technical supportalso design services. We aim to be your premier one-stop shop for Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving and Die Cutting. We are located in Southern New Hampshire. Let us show you how we will go 'a step beyond' to achieve on-time delivery every time with exceptional quality at the best prices!

Hi Tech Fabricators Inc.

5.00 (2)

Milford, New Hampshire


Founded in 1983 and based out of Milford New Hampshire, Hi Tech Fabricators Inc. is one of New England's premier manufacturers of Precision Sheet metal products. Hi Tech offers a unique blend of technical and production services. Our Staff has years of experience within the industry and will make sure your specifications and needs are met from the beginning design to the final finishedproduct. We aim to be as proactive as possible in the steps we take allocating resources to provide clients with a final product that adheres to their design intent, and goals. To our clients this means investing our time and resources into having the latest technologies and being proficient in using them to get the job done. In addition we are regularly educating our staff in lean manufacturing techniques, and project path optimization, in order to provide the quickest turnaround possible. We are an experienced Job Shop capable ofmanufacturing a very large range of products. We provide products to customers in all different types of industries and across a broad range of component types including but not limited to Air and Water Purification Systems, Refrigeration, Automotive, Acoustics, Television and Radio, Laboratory Equipment, Motorcycle Parts, Antenna Equipment, Electrical, Computer Components, Retail, Robotics, Machining and Milling, Fiber Optics, Aviation, Testing Equipment, Digital Imaging, Hydraulics, Marine, Inverters, Video Systems,Metrology, Heat Sinks, and Power Supplies.

Advanced Automation LLC

Dover, New Hampshire

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Advanced Automation is proud to be an American manufacturing company focused on providing extraordinary quality and value to our customers. 

C&M Machine Products

Hudson, New Hampshire


Welcome Since 1978, CM Machine Products has been a world class supplier of precision components to Fortune 500 companies, as well as middle and lower tier manufacturers. Some examples of components we have manufactured are viewable in the "Component's Gallery" below. Our maximum outside diameter capacity thru spindle is 2.75" (70mm). CM will manufacture parts to both English and Metric dimensions depending on the customer's preference. The unwavering commitment to quality and on-time delivery exudes throughout the shop with our "Can Do" attitude. We pride ourselves on the ability to produce shorter than average lead times, while maintaining the integrity of the process. If you are looking to build a mutually beneficial relationship with a first class supplier, CM Machine Products is the answer. Over the last 2 years, CM has invested substantial capital into our Quality Management System. This includes a brand new BrownSharpe CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) and 2 new Oasis vision systems. In addition, CM successfully completed AS9100B (Aerospace) certification and we are in the process of upgrading to level C. Standard operating procedure includes a 5 piece first article inspection that is submitted to the customer with the first lot. To compliment our SOP, CM is willing to provide Level 2 PPAP data and Capability Studies for full process approval. When it comes to quality, we spare no expense!

Tool Specialties Mfg., Co.

5.00 (1)

Milton, New Hampshire


Tool Specialties Mfg., Co. is a screw machine shop located in Milton, NH. We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you. We are a Veteran-owned small business which brings more than 38 years of manufacturing and engineering experience in high-tolerance Screw-machine parts. Our expertise is in all types of metal removal. Currently, we specialize in Swiss screw machines, Citizen L-16/20 five axis CNC machines, production Petermanns, millers, tool making and second operations machinery. At this time we are manufacturing the following: Swiss screw machine parts (up to 20mm diameter) Parts for the medical device industry (bone taps, skull drills, dental implant insertion tools, etc.) Parts for the Department of Defense Prototypes Other special products that we have manufactured include: Molds for F-117 aircraft Special spindles for Bosch Directional thrusters for satellites CNC Spindle for medical devicesTool Specialties has a 100% Vendor rating and is ISO 9003 compliant. Statistical process control is available for any customers who request it. We are known for our quick manufacturing turn around times and for our excellent quality. Our Standard Operating procedure is available upon request.

Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing

5.00 (1)

Tilton, New Hampshire


Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing, INC is an ISO 13485:2016 and 9001:2015 company that specializes in SMT, Thru-Hole PCBs, cable harnesses and Electro-Mechanical assemblies. The majority of our customers come from the Medical, RF (Cellular Infrastructure), Government and Semiconductor industries. We are located in the heart of Tilton , New Hampshire, Our main focus is providing our customers with superior quality, delivery, service and pricing. We also have an excellent staff to help turn prototypes into volume runs and an engineering/test department to help troubleshoot and provide assistance whenever necessary.

J & J Tool & Die Inc

Dover, Ohio


J J Tool Die Inc specializes in precision milling, turning, wire EDM and assembly work. With over 75 years experience you can expect parts on time, inspected, tolerance levels met and satsifaction guaranteed. Quality craftsmanship is to be expected! Please call us with every parts project; we will look forward to hearing from you!

Sunset Tool, Inc

Keene, New Hampshire


Sunset Tool, Inc is located in Keene, New Hampshire, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Stamping, Machining.

Diamond Casting & Machine Co

Hollis, New Hampshire


Founded in 1955 , Diamond Casting is a leading producer of aluminum components in New England. Our modern 80,000 square foot facility has the capability to produce your aluminum components with a variety of manufacturing processes providing: On Time Shipments Effective Quality Assurance Top Operational Efficiency

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