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Bruckman Rubber Co

Hastings, Nebraska


Bruckman Rubber Co is located in Hastings, Nebraska, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Stamping, Compression Molding, Engineering & Design Services, Fabrication, Injection Molding, Machining.

Hastings HVAC Inc.

Hastings, Nebraska


Hastings HVAC Inc. is located in Hastings, Nebraska, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Wire Harness, Sheet Metal, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Engineering & Design Services, Fabrication.

BCN Technical Services, Inc.

Hastings, Michigan


BCN Technical Services, Inc. is located in Hastings, Michigan, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Electro-Mechanical Assembly.

Hastings Irrigation Pipe Co.

Hastings, Nebraska

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Services and Capabilities




Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company Services


PLANNING: Our staff of engineers are proven. The state-of-the-art tube mills used in our manufacturing plant are proof of the imaginative skills of our engineering division. No problem is too difficult for our engineers to solve. Taking a concept from blueprint to prototype to completed product is the Hastings way!


COSTING: We at Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company have the expertise to competitively price any job. Whether it be a prototype or a specific area of manufacturing. And, we can do it rapidly and accurately, but without giving up the quality standards necessary for your product. Small or large quantities are never a problem as we have the experience and facilities to do it all!


PROTOTYPE: Our fabrication department has produced both short and mass runs of specialty products to meet local, national and international demands. Many of these products were prototyped at Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company and our customers have found our capabilities more than adequate. We welcome any prototype job, be it simple or complicated - just give us your specs.


PRODUCTION: The Hastings manufacturing division is an example of mass production built around the latest methods of automation in manufacturing, handling and quality control. We have 60 years of know-how and dedication to producing fine products - let us bring this same know-how and dedication to your own company.


POWDER COATING: Our powder coating department was custom built to handle any job, large or small. We have automated many of the powder coating processes to bring you the finest quality product.


DELIVERY: With a Hastings Irrigation Pipe order, just-in-time delivery can be counted on. We have our own fleet of late model truck tractors and a variety of trailers, allowing us to transport your order regardless of size, damage free, anywhere. Meeting your delivery needs is as important to us as your original order - give us a try and you'll see what we mean.


Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company Capabilities


Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company has engineered, manufactured and fabricated everything from meteorological systems to I.D. tubing for conduit and geodesic domes for industrial uses. Other accomplishments include semi-automated gate punching machines, design and production of electronic controls for automated production and automatic machinery and handling equipment. So we clearly have the manpower, equipment, facilities and acreage to fabricate components for every conceivable project. Probably the greatest example of our metal fabricating abilities are the state-of-the-art tube mills used in our own plant.


For years, industrial designers pondered the problems of designing one piece of equipment that would take flat aluminum, roll-form and shape it into a perfectly rounded section of irrigation pipe, weld and accurately cut it into specific lengths.


Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company was one of the first to solve the problems and put this type of equipment into mass productions. Today, Hastings continues to build these complex tube mills for other manufacturers throughout the United States.


The Hastings Tool and Die Division built all twelve of the tube mills used to produce aluminum tubing ranging from 2"" to 12"" in diameter, in lengths up to 50 feet. Our Tool and Die staff are experts in steel and iron fabrication as well as machine tooling, heat treating and pattern making. Our general machine shop equipment includes mills, lathes, shapers, planers, grinders and more.




Hastings Fabrication Equipment and capabilities include:


* Tube Mills - 3"", 4"", 5"", 6"", 7"", 8"", 9"", 10"", 12"" O.D producing in aluminum and copper (some I.D. sizes are also available for industrial uses)

* Shears - capabilities up to 3/8"" x 14'

* CNC Turret Punching - up to 33 ton

* Punch Presses - up to 200 ton

* Iron Workers - up to 100 ton

* Gang Punching and Notching

* Press Brakes - 6' through 14', up to 320 ton, auto gauging

* Drilling Machines - single and multi spindle units

* Plasma and Flame Cutting - to 2""

* Robotic Welding - 6 axis w/Miller Maxtron 450

* Mig Welding - aluminum, stainless and mild steels

* Tig Welding - aluminum, stainless and mild steels

* Spot Welding - 30 to 175 KVA

* Wire Butt Welding - to 3/8"" dia.

* Aluminum Foundry, Sand and Permanent Mold - core machines, squeeze molding machines, auto cast permanent mold machines

* Tool and Die Facilities - machine tooling, heat treating, pattern making, jigs and fixtures for all products including wire fabrications

* Powder Coat Finishing - chemical wash and treatment up to 9 stages, multi color capabilities for large and small parts

* X-Y Plasma Table - 108” X 31’


We keep a wide variety of metals in stock at all times:


* Aluminum Sheets - From .023 to .375 thick up to 102"" wide

* Aluminum Shapes - channels, solid bars, I-beams, square and round tubing

* Stainless Steel - 26 Ga. to 12 Ga. thick, up to 48"" wide

* Stainless Shapes - Round tubing, flat bar

* Mild Steel - Most of all standard shapes and thickness


Also, our foundry is capable of casting any part you need. Equipped with two furnaces, this superior foundry has the capacity to melt 1500 lbs. of metal per hour. So, whether you're needing a 1 oz. lug washer or a 384 lb. forming die, our foundry can handle it. Loose pattern work or short runs are welcome too!

Smead CMD

Hastings, Minnesota

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Smead Contract Manufacturing Division (Smead CMD) is a global company specializing in converting and printing of technical and non-technical paper, non-woven and film substrates for diverse markets.


Smead CMD’s parent company was founded in 1906 and has a long standing history of developing and manufacturing products for the office organizational industry and retail markets. A private, woman-owned company headquartered in Hastings, Minnesota, Smead Manufacturing has facilities throughout the US and partnerships in Mexico and Asia.

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