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Apex Manufacturing

Billings, Montana

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Headquartered in Billings, Montana, APEX Manufacturing Services, Ltd., has 40+ years of experience in CNC machining & welding. Our facility houses 15 high quality CNC machines within a 22,000 square-foot shop. Our highly trained staff & central location have led the company to produce a myriad of specialty parts and components, including those for oil and gas extraction and production, mining equipment, semiconductor equipment manufacturing, and road (highway) and agricultural equipment. Our staff approaches each project with efficiency, execution and innovation allowing us to deliver exceptional service and products for our customers.


·        CNC machining

·        Welding

·        Simple and complex parts manufacturing

·        Specialty parts and components


·        Our knowledge of manufacturing, combined with our knowledge of technology provides our customers a powerful solution

·        When quality, pricing, and timing are crucial, Apex Manufacturing can deliver the parts you need to keep your projects moving forward

·        Ability to machine a wide range of metal, plastic and composite materials

·        Create highly complex parts with high quality, custom finishes

·        Apex Manufacturing uses high quality CNC machines with highly trained staff

·        Ability to create specialty products using CAD/CAM along with our CNC machines

·        Use of CNC machines provide precise repeatability, quick production speed, and low per unit cost

·        Scalability from 1-10,000+ parts

A.I.H. Manufacturing

Billings, Montana

AIH ManufacturingServicesFull Service Manufacturing, Machine Shop, and Fabrication Facility AIH Manufacturing in Billings Montana provides services that include Machining, Welding, Custom Design Fabrication, Hydraulics, Electronics, Design, Repair, and Research Development. Our Billings machine shop facilities at 5840 Titan Avenue are spacious for a large variety of metal fabrication and welding projects large and small. AIH equipment includes full spectrum welding, Plasma cutting, CNC computers and CNC machinery, drilling presses, lathes, grinding, and research and development software hardware.

Forbidn Manufacturing

Billings, Montana


Forbidn Manufacturing is located in Billings, Montana, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Sheet Metal, Machining, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Fabrication.

KLM Solutions

Billings, Montana

KLM Solutions is located in Billings, Montana, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Engineering & Design Services, Machining.

APEX Manufacturing

Billings, Montana

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


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