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Urich Tool and Machining

Urich, Missouri

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Urich Tool and Machining has Product Design and Development Form fit and function considerations, ergonomic design, material characteristics, resins and compounds, engineered and commodity grade plastics, elastomers, and thermosets, structural integrity, stress analysis, end user requirements.Injection Mold Making,Design, and Sampling. (Plastic Injection) Types of Mold Making and Design Plastic Injection (Sampling) Compression Mold Magnesium Injection Mold (Thixomolds) Rubber and Thermoset Injection Mold Resin Transfer Mold Custom Molds: Single, multiple, and family cavities, conventional and hot runner, 3-plate, stack molds, stripper plate, hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical sliding core, unscrewing molds, air ejection, valve gates, collapsible and expandable core, special manifold and hot tip design, prototype molds. Standardized Molds: High volume molds for packaging and dispensing industry, thin wall container molds, plastic bottle preform molds, caps and closure molds, plastic bottle base cup molds. Stamping Dies Progressive stamping die, Trim die, Forming die, Punching/Perforating die Lay-Up Autoclave Tooling Tooling for composite pre-impregnated and carbon fiber lay-ups for vacuum bag and autoclave processes. Die Cast Dies Zinc and aluminum, single and multiple cavities, family cavities, unit replaceable insert, sliding core and hand-load inserts, custom dies, runner-overflow and flash ring. Blow Molding Single and multiple cavity, finished and unfinished neck extrusion blow molds, Nissei and Aoki style stretch blow mold tooling, Sidel and Krupp style blow mold tooling, reheat and stretch blow mold tooling. Mastercam Design and 3D Programing on the Mill and Wire Machine. Unigraphics Design PLastic Injection Various Plastics on Hand for Sampling and to Run Parts 3D Design and Modeling Unigraphics/Mastercam 3D machining Cincinnati Milacron CNC Milling Machine – 20 by 20 by 20 travel. Aromatic 2100 control. Hitachi Model 254Y Wire Machine – 8 in. in Z Victor Manual Lathe - 2 Manual Vertical Milling Machines – Hansvedt RAM EDM Harig Surface Grinder – 28 Ton Engel Press 1.802oz Barrel – 200 Ton Vandorn Press 14.02oz Barrel – 100 Ton Reed Press 9.02oz Barrel – Plastic Dryer – Plastic Chipper Fork Lift Jet band Saw Beed Blaster Various PLastics Miscellaneous: Sine Plates, Angle Plates, Graphite, Fixturing, Surface Plate, Height Gauge, Gauge Pins, Gauge Blocks, Core Pins, Ejector Pins, and various hardware. Urich Tool and Machining Federal ID 27-0192078

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