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Batten Tool & Machine, inc.

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Burnsville, Minnesota


Batten tool Machine, Inc. ia a full service CNC Machining job shop. ISO COMPLIANT Our specialties include: Milling Turning EDM - Electrical Discharge Design capabilities EQUIPMENT: 2-50 Taper Verticle Machining Center with 32 Pocket tool changer Travel X- Axis 50" 8 - 40 Taper Verticle Machining Centers with 20 pocket tool changer Travel X-Axis 4 Okuma Howa Turning Center with 12 station turret. 11.0" Dia. Max. 13.0" length max. Kia Super Turn Turning Center with 12 station turret 13.0"Dia. Max. 18.0" length max Hyundai/Kia KT-28 10 inch chuck; 3 inch through spindle Fortune VTURN 28 10 inch chuck; 3 inch through spindle Daewoo Lynx 210 Fortune VTURN 20 VT - 20 Turning Center 8 station Turret 8.0" Dia. Max. 12" length max 2.0 thru sp CAD-CAM- Full 3D Surfcam Cadkey and solid works Gibbs CAM Sharp LMV Milling Machine Manual Engine lathe w 12" chuck. Hardinge chucker w rea manual surface Grinder 6" X 12.0" chuck with Digital Read out 2 Automatic surface grinders 12" X 24" chucks with digital Read out PA 13/3 Automatic Cutoff saw 12" dia. Capacity Batten Tool Machine specializes in machining TOUGH materials including but not limtied to: Nitronic 60, 316, 304, 17-4 PH, Stainless Steel, Titanium and Tool Steel; of course everything else! Whether you are a large corporation or small business, we will work in a collaborative manner to ensure high quality, precision and timely completion of your project. 1piece prototype to long term production, our only goal is to please our clients. Precision machinists and tool makers who take great pride in there work are the folks we employ.

Laveen Machine & Engineering

Burnsville, Minnesota

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Laveen Machine & Engineering is located in Burnsville, Minnesota, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining, Engineering & Design Services.

Modular Concepts, Inc.

Burnsville, Minnesota


Modular Concepts, Inc. is located in Burnsville, Minnesota, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Fabrication, Machining, Sheet Metal.

Laveen Machine & Engineering

Burnsville, Minnesota


Laveen Machine & Engineering is located in Burnsville, Minnesota, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining, Fabrication.

Jones Associates

Burnsville, Minnesota

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


We provide products in a variety of materials, sizes, finishes and volumes. Send in a request for quote and our engineers will evaluate your application, suggest improvements, options and/or alternatives if applicable, and you will receive a quotation from the appropriate supplying division.



Machining Services

  • Screw Machine Production 
  • CNC Turning Production 
  • CNC Milling and Drilling
  • Production Combined Machine Production 
  • Additional Value Added Service


Metal Stamping & Fabrication - Short and medium run tools, progressive dies, turret, and laser cut parts


Wire Forming - Round and square wire from 2 to 16mm, Assembly - Electronic enclosures and chassis, mechanical assemblies


Other Capabilities - Welding, staking, insertion, painting/plating, pem setting, packaging



From clock springs to wire formscoiled springs to washers and Bellevillesconstant and variable force springs to stamping, fourslide and machined parts,electronic hardware to flat springsracing components to SEMS or rings, we are YOUR source to design and supply for your specific requirement or application.

  • Clock Springs     
  • Hot Coiled Springs    
  • Coiled Springs
  • Constant and Variable Force Springs (and POP Systems)
  • Electronic Hardware Fasteners
  • Machined Parts
  • Racing Components
  • Rings
  • SEMS
  • Springs (other)
  • Stamping and Fourslide
  • Washers and Bellevilles
  • Wire Forms


Berkness Swiss, LLC

Burnsville, Minnesota

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


High Precision Swiss-Type Component Manufacturing

We are:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Fast
  • Low Cost
  • Responsive

Berkness Swiss is prepared to machine the highest quality turnings of various materials from .125” to 2” OD sizes.


We have rapid proto-typing capabilities to turn prints into parts fast. We are a reliable partner for those who need overflow turning, and specialized swiss-type turning.

Berkness Swiss is a company that operates with integrity, passion, and superb quality. We are highly responsive to the ever-changing needs of our customers.


We turn quotes around quickly and follow through with what we say we are going to do.


Quality Assurance
With state of the art inspection methods, and a deep knowledge of processes, our customers can be assured the highest quality of conformance to print specifications.

The QC Group, Inc.

Burnsville, Minnesota

Design / Engineering Firm


The QC Group provides dimensional inspection, reverse engineering, scanning and CAD model development of precision products, including mold and tooling components.  QC's engineering group is supported by 6 laser scanning capabilities and a fully-equipment dimensional inspection laboratory.  Primary markets include medical, defense, and the plastic molding industry.  QC has been in business for more than 20 years.

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