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Camcar Plastics Inc

Muskegon, Michigan


Camcar Plastic Inc, is a full service plastic injection molding assembly company. We specialize in small tolarge size plastic parts; high volume and low volume usages for our customers. Camcar Plastics Inc is committed to high quality with exceptional service at a competitive price. Camcar Plastics Inc is a registered, quality ISO-9001 company. We run all thermoplastic resins including nylons, ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PP, PE, thermoplastic rubber, just to cover a few.... With over 25 years of experience, we offer more than just making plastic parts. We offer "the complete package": High volume plastic production, JIT, inventory control, part stocking and warehousing, secondary operations including assembly, consulting, plastic part design services, mold flow/fill analysis, part flow/fill analysis, tooling design, production tooling, rapid prototyping, sample/prototyping/tooling, single cavity to multi-cavity tooling. Camcar Plastics Inc produces over 20,000,000 plastic parts per year. We run 14 lines, 3 shifts, 5 days to 7 days per week. Camcar Plastic Inc produces plastic parts for a very diversified group of customers from automotive, office furniture to packaging and consumer goods. Our customers stay loyal and tend to push all of their work our way because we offer benefits that ordinary companies just don't offer. Camcar Plastics Inc is an extension of your company! We will handle and stock your inventory, manage your demand, consult with your purchasing and plan with you. Our customer service is why our customers are loyal. We're just easy to work with. You too can have that...

Complex Plastics Solutions

Muskegon, Michigan


Complex Plastics Solutions is an injection molding and assembly source. We have 25 years of injection molding experince. We are capable of handling all your needs from product and tool design to samples and full production and assembly. Our facility focuses on small tonnage machines (currently 250 ton and below). We also welcome complex tight tolerance products.Whether your volume requirements are 100 pieces or 1,000,000 pieces we can accommodate your needs. Can't wait to break into production to try out your tools? Call us! We can supply the machine, labor, and engineering support to get that run completed on time. Need design help? No problem! We offer processing, tooling, and product design support. Need to take cost out of your product? Call us and let our engineering staff join your team and help developinnovativesolutions!

Forming Technologies

Muskegon, Michigan



Thermoforming is a general term for the process of producing plastic parts from a flat sheet of plastic under temperature and pressure. When combined with advanced finishing techniques, thermoforming can result in products comparable to those produced by injection molding at a fraction of the tooling cost.Forming Technologies AdvantagesProvide value through creative design.Provide quality products and service, on time.Provide competitively priced solutions. Forming Technologies offers a cost-efficient, environmental alternative to wood pallets. An effective reusable plastic pallet program can reduce costs and optimize a supply chain.

Reid Supply Co

Muskegon, Michigan


Huge selection of Standard Products. Click on our link to connect to our WEBSITE

The Eagle Group

Muskegon, Michigan

The only foundry you'll ever need The Eagle Group is a full-service metal casting and CNC machining company, consisting of four separately run companies: Eagle Alloy, Inc., Eagle Precision Cast Parts, Inc., Eagle Aluminum Cast Products, Inc. and Eagle CNC Technologies, Inc. The Eagle Groupis not only a world-class metal casting and machining company, but a company with deeply rooted values and a dedication to social responsibility. We owe our high customer-retention rate both to our quality products, and to a consistent, customer-first approach that focuses on building solid relationships within the manufacturing industry.

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