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Laser Cutting Co.

Harrison Drive, Michigan



Company History:

Laser Cutting Company was formed in 1983 as the first all laser facility in the Sate of Michigan and third in the United Sates.

We specialize in automotive,aviation,military,and mechanical components from prototype through production.

The founders of Laser Cutting Company understood almost 30 years ago that the introduction of computers and lasers would change the face of manufacturing.



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By using laser technology you will be able to create parts and cost effectively. There are no tooling requirements due to the fact that we simply program the computer and the laser is able to accurately cut and reproduce the design.Unlike water and traditional cutting systems,a laser beam exerts no mechanical or outside contact to the part being cut.


Rabid precision laser cutting 2D and 3D metal stampings and machined components fromprototype through production:

Drilling,tapping.etching and grinding available

Same day quotations

2-3 day standard lead time

Rush service(24-hour) available at no additional cost

First engineering change at no additional cost on 2D parts

Standard tolerance +/- .005"" aBILITY TO HOLD =+/-.001"" in some cases

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