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Autocast Inc



Autocast Inc. We are a high pressure die casting manufacturer specializing in A380 Aluminum and Zinc ZA # 3 products. We are a TS/ ISO16949:2002 certified tier one supplier to the Automotive industry as well as to the furniture ,consumers goods, Gaming industry and security markets to name just a few. Our products range from structural to decorative and functional, from the simple cast and trim to high precision machined, plated and painted products as specified by our customers. We work closely with our customers engineering teams from conception through design, prototype and into production. Our cradle to grave concept carries each project to the end of its service life. With capacity ranges up to 1200 ton presses in aluminum and 800 ton in zinc we are able to provide economic advantages through the use of multiple cavity tooling while maintaining part integrity through the use of our in house designed Vacuum technology when required. Part weights range from a few ounces to several Pounds ( a single part of 15 to 20 lbs. is possible on the larger press depending on the part design and requirements. Autocast designs all tooling in house to ensure proper gate design , over flows and venting to minimize porosity in sensitive areas of the parts. Tooling builds are managed and supervised to ensure the tooling programs meet deadlines provided by the customer.Competitive local tooling suppliers are utilized as well as foreign contributors as the program warrants.


Grandville, Michigan


Nanoplas is located in Grandville, Michigan, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Compression Molding, Blow Molding, Injection Molding, RTV Molding, Rotational Molding, Structural Foam Molding.

Harbor Foam


Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Custom manufacturer of EPS foam products. Types include insulation, roofing, packaging, shapes, coolers, liners, shippers, covers, floatation, and props.

H & L Advantage

Grandville, Michigan



We Are Your Success Partner Throughout Your Project


To get your products to the market on time with minimal costs requires as many ""Advantages"" as you can get. With H&L's capabilities of plastic products design, engineering, tool building, assembly, and manufacturing expertise, we can assist your product development teams with every need. Our new, modern 64,000 square foot facility was designed to support our commitment to lean manufacturing, quality, cost value, ISO control standards, and on-time delivery.


  • H&L Advantage can complete your project at one location, with one team who can see your project through to completion. We understand how each stage, and every aspect, is interrelated, and we maintain the complete control necessary to assure your needs are fully met.

  • Our experienced team can work with your detailed product specifications and provide the wide range of plastic manufacturing services you need. Just as importantly, we can take a concept or idea and transform it into a finished product, providing all the design, tooling, and prototypes needed.

  • Costs are controlled while quality is maximized. Material handling is kept to a minimum with robotic automation in the plastic injection molding process, and efficient, logical, ISO Certified work cell arrangements for product assembly. Recycling minimizes waste which further enhances your cost advantages.

  • H&L Advantage's injection molded plastic production experience helps to ensure we engineer quality processes and products. Our compatibility with numerous software applications helps keep everyone involved in a project informed, at every stage of the project.

  • You have the advantage of receiving a single part, a completed assembly, or a finished product. Printing, packaging, and bar coding can be included. You do not need to manage a variety of parts, suppliers, processes, etc. H&L Advantage can do all this at one competitive price, delivered, on time, and with your expected quality.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification ensures consistent processing of all materials and procedures.

Maxam Enterprises

Grandville, Michigan

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Maxam Enterprises delivers more than a product. Attention to detail is the key to manufacturing a quality tool. All tooling is built with pride and craftsmanship. At Maxam Enterprises; we take pride in our ability to create, design, and manufacture the tooling required by our customers. Our goal is to fulfill our customers' requirements to complete satisfaction and is committed to providing HIGH-Quality cost effective machining services. Maxam Enterprises offers CNC machining , production and Custom machining as well as Tig welding and some fabucation. If this sounds like what you need, give us a call. We believe our customers are family, we’re here to support you and give you a helping hand.

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