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Spring Dynamics, Inc

Almont, Michigan


Established in 1985, Spring Dynamics, Inc. has developed an enviable reputation as a leading manufacturer of custom precision springs. Our constant attention to quality, education and technology sets us apart as a progressive company creating new industry standards. Our well-trained and highly competent staff of over 40 individuals is dedicated to discovering the perfect spring solution for our unique customers. With over 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space at two locations, we can accommodate jobs of any size and scope. Counterbalance Springs Spring Dynamics, Inc. specializes in counterbalance springs (aka: clock springs, power springs, and spiral springs). By calculating stresses and comparing similar existing designs, our engineering staff has the means to find the correct spring for your unique application. The custom coilers of Spring Dynamics, Inc. design, support our counterbalance spring department. This equipment enables us to produce springs to the exacting tolerances required for the automotive hardware market, the appliance and furniture markets, or whatever your application may need. These machines enable us to offer our customers unsurpassed quality at highly competitive prices. Current Applications Available Finishes Parking Brakes High Temperature Grease Window Regulators Rust Preventitive Oils Hood Assists Phosphate Coatings Reclining Seats Specific Teflon Handle Returns Zinc Coatings Cable Take-up "Lock Lube"or "Bonderlube"Soap Belt Tensioner Others Upon Request Click here to request a quote! Current Production Material Range* 0.042" X 0.156" to 0.170" X 0.750" *Material Size Range reflects only current production, not production capability. Round/Shaped Wire Springs Within the past several years, Spring Dynamics, Inc. has expanded our manufacturing expertise and capability to include various round/shaped wire applications. For extension, compression, and torsion springs, we are using the latest in CNC coiling technology. Current Production Material Range* 0.016" to 0.126" *Material Size Range reflects only current production, not production capability. Material Types* Music Wire Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon Chrome Vanadium 302 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 17-7 Stainless Steel Phospher Bronze Beryllium Copper *Other Material types and sizes are available upon request. Prototype Support Our in-house, highly specialized prototyping department is capable of manufacturing a myriad of springs as well as wire forms, wave washers and other custom products. Small quantities based on design data in as little as 24 hours. No minimum orderquantity, we will make as little as one piece. Dimensional Layout and Material Certification supplied. Developmental Durability Test supportalsoavailable. Design Support Our engineers use: SMI Spring Design Software, SDI Counterbalance Spring Design, AutoCAD Release 2000i Spring Dynamics' Tool RoomThe Spring Dynamics' Tool Room can design, build, refurbish and maintain all production and prototype spring tooling on premises. Our checking gages and test fixtures are also designed in house. Each tool used is of the utmost quality and is created using only the highest grades of commercially available tool steels and carbides available. We strive to maintain the highest standard of quality, but should an issue arise during development and manufacturing, our talented engineering team will address each detail in a timely and proficient manner utilizing such resources as product design, prototyping and capability studies. Proclaimed as the best in the industry with regards to quality, delivery and service, all of our team members are thoroughly trained in every facet of spring manufacturing and continuously attend training sessions to enhance their skills. Housed intwostrategically located sites, our manufacturing process propagatesshorter lead times and only the highest quality product.

Macomb Engineering, Inc.

Almont, Michigan



v Complete Design Engineering Solution § Starting at project initiation through completion, the project is modeled in the latest 3D Solid Modeling CAD software. § Tolerance Modeling, Interference Detection, Component Inventory Management and FEA analysis. § Seamless Integration with our customers manufacturing environment. Because the models created are used to derive the layouts from and create detail drawings, information is not lost due to misinterpretation. NC paths are created directly from these 3D models. No returning after the detail process to apply surfacing, removing a possible area for errors to be introduced. v Average design engineer length of experience is > 15 years. v A cross functional team with backgrounds in Project Management, Die Design, CNC Machining and Programming, Gage and Fixture Design, Automation and Part handling.

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