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All Phase Fabrication

Allendale, Michigan

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


All Phase Fabrication (APF) has been in business since 2000. Our facility is small and personal. We mainly serve the foam insulation industry, building special equipment for our customers but are quickly expanding into other areas of opportunity. Materials we work with include; aluminum, steel, plastics, laminates, plexiglass, wood, fiberglass, etc. We will work with just about anything as long as it’s not hazardous. Our equipment consists of mills, lathes, drill press’, saws, welders, grinders, presses and CNC equipment. As APF is a small company, I think our niche is custom and unique fabrication. I am not much for blowing my own horn but I am creative and can foresee the bigger picture of a product and am quick to make suggestions for my customers. We have had people walk in with an idea of what they would like to accomplish and we can usually come up with a solution that works and build it for them, whether it is a special machine or small tool to do a special task. One of our motto’s is: “If you can break it, we can make it. Nothing’s impossible; it just takes a little longer.” APF experience includes general & special machining, grinding, special tools, prototyping, jigs, fixtures, small – large progressive dies,line dies, die tryout and welding all metals; mig, tig, arc, gas and plasma cutting. Value added services that make APF stand out from the rest comes with the fact that we are small and personal and focus is on our customers. We are personal and versatile. With a warm welcome we are quick to find solutions to meet customer needs, thus, retaining long-term relationships. I, Dan Jansen (owner), have been in this business for 30 years – the list of unique challenges I have encountered seems endless … but, you can bet your bottom dollar, I can get the job done! Greatest accomplishment: Building my own house and doing all the finish work as well. A particularly difficult component: I developed the tool and equipment for the L’il Sucker and Scarfmaster, which you can check out at: Please look to All Phase Fabrication for all of your fabrication needs!

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