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Metalcraft Industries Inc.

Westminster, Colorado

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We offer “Economies of Scope” as Colorado’s most diverse contract manufacturing partner.

Serving industries from construction & lighting, through medical & aerospace...

Metalcraft Industries is an ISO 9001/ITAR organization:

  • General Introduction <>
  • Forming, Stamping & Fabrication
  • Progressive Die Metal Stamping (up to 180” tool length) <>
  • Deep draw product manufacturing
  • Press-Break sheet metal forming up to 9ft and 150 ton
  • Turret Press blanking and forming
  • Laser Blanks/Laser Cutting (4kW Fiber laser up to 7/8” steel with in-shop generated nitrogen)
  • CNC Machining
  • Robotic Welding and Weldments
  • Assembly, Kitting, and Packaging

We work with standard materials from aluminum, steel, and plastics to exotic materials such as honeycomb and titanium.


Metalcraft provides value as a “Manufacturing as a Service Partner”—packaging supply chain solutions, structuring product lifecycle planning, and supporting your team with VA/VE ideas (DFM - design for manufacturing suggestions).

1.      Metalcraft Industries Inc. (Denver brochure link)

2.      Metalcraft Industries NW: (Seattle brochure link)

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