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CMG Precision

Ludlow, Massachusetts


CMG Precision is a full service Precisionfacility that has been in business over 25 years and we have the experience to handle diverse projects and would be privileged to fulfill your next order. We are centrally located in Massachusetts. Specializing in small runs, fixtures, tooling, and custom machines, we are sure to handle all of your custom needs! SERVICES: Precision Machining Precision Turning Precision Grinding Precision CNC Milling Welding, MIG,TIG,ARC Design Services EQUIPMENT: CNC Cincinnati 3-axis with Sabre 750 ProtoTRAK FHM5 Bridgeport with ProtoTRAK MX2 Sharp HMV with ProtoTRAK MX2 MILLING MACHINES 5 Bridgeports with digital readout 1 horizontal miller LATHES 4 lathes with up to 24" x 36" turning capacity GRINDERS 4 surface grinders MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT Vertical and horizontal band saws MIG, TIG, and ARC welders Punch press and sandblaster Bench grinders, drill presses, and belt sanders INSPECTION Jones and Lamson Optical Comparator Complete line of inspection equipment Please review our website for a more extensive look at CMG Precision. We appreciate your consideration!

BAK Precision

Ludlow, Massachusetts


BAK Precision is producing high quality parts and prototypes in small quantities (1 to few thousand depended on the size of the parts). We perform high precision milling,drilling,boring and surface grinding operations using modern CNC machines.BAK Precision is using SOLIDWORKS for designing parts and assemblies. We do 100% inspection to assure that all the parts are meeting print dimensions. Our company works with variety of materials such as plastics, aluminum alloys, tool steel, brass, bronze, titanium.BAK Precision works in cooperation with approved process vendors to fill your requirements.

Heron Automation

Ludlow, Massachusetts


Heron Automation is located in Ludlow, Massachusetts, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Stamping, Wire Harness, Fabrication.

RPM Technologies Inc

Ludlow, Massachusetts



RPM Technologies provides several grades of Ultra high Molecular Weight Polyethylene to meet the requirements imposed by machine conditions. The blades are machined to very close tolerances and have superior surface finish for uniform and gentle contact to the forming fabric.



  • Forming Board Blades


  • Foil Blades


  • Activity Blades


  • Low-Vac Blades


  • PE Hivac (Suction Box) Covers


  • Uhle Box Strips


  • Uhle Box Herringbone Covers



RPM Technologies also supplies UHMWPE in several grades.

The first is a linear molecular linked polyethylene with a density ten times higher than High Density Polyethylene. It has excellent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and impact strength. These properties make it an ideal choice for paper making applications, including table elements, press covers and Chemi-Washer covers. It can be manufactured and machined in many shapes and sizes.

The second material, our LLP material, is for harsher environments and is a proprietary design material that offers longer life over standard UHMWPE with out the use of abrasive Silicates, Carbonates or Glass Spheres that can be harsh to machine fabrics and felts.

Uhle Box Covers

RPM Technologies provides both Herringbone and slotted multi-bladed covers in UHMWPE with or without our ceramic coated “WEAR-SAVER” end rods. In addition we provide slotted multi-bladed covers in all ceramic materials – PAO, SiN and SC.


  • UHMWPE Uhle Box Strips
  • UHMWPE Uhle Box Herringbone Covers
  • UHMWPE Uhle Box Strips with ""Wear-Saver"" end rods
  • UHMWPE Uhle Box Herringbone Covers with ""Wear-Saver"" end rods
  • Ceramic (PAO, Sin and SC) Uhle Box Strips

Commercial Machine, Inc.

Ludlow, Massachusetts

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Commercial Machine is dedicated to providing top quality precision machining. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and QUALITY are our trademarks! We have a highly skilled team.. Please call us with any of your precision machining needs; our experience along with our high end equipment allow us to be very competitive (Please see our facilities list).

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