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Universal Plastics

Holyoke, Massachusetts


Since our company was founded in 1965, Universal Plastics has been a leading force in the thermoforming industry. Over the years we have continued to grow and to seek out new challenges in the marketplace. Our present plant has over 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and our staff is now nearly 100 strong. As we have grown, we have refined and developed the thermoforming process, varying techniques to match a specific job, and when necessary, inventing new ones. We are now able to custom thermoform your products in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, and our in-house production services range from tooling through final assembly.In the past thirty years, the field of plastics and the process of thermoforming have evolved. So has Universal Plastics. Still a family-run business with a commitment to our customers and our reputation, Universal Plastics prides itself on working collaboratively with our customers, and upgrading our skills and technology at every opportunity to continue to deliver innovative products that work.Universal Plastics' team of CAD engineers utilizes years of experience responding to challenges in many industries. Working with customers to identify parameters and objectives, Universal Plastics also collaborates with materials suppliers to select the right resins for the job. Knowledge of the unique requirements of many industries such as aerospace, electronics, and medical equipment enables us to design from prototype through production quickly, effectively, and affordably.

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