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Boylston, Massachusetts


While primarily a machine and fabrication shop for soft metals, plastics, and wood, our main mission is satisfying customers. Putting customers at the top of the pyramidmeans the rest of the structure must support the needs of the client. Our core services include drilling, milling, cutting, welding, carving, engraving, assembling and fabricating. Delivering these with a high degree of quality, reasonable price, and good customer service are assumed and expected. But there is yet a deeper level of available service beyond the core services and attributes above. Supply chain management principles can be applied to the process to lower costs through information sharing and collaboration. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with product development, prototypes, and management of production/inventory. If you would like to discuss further we welcome the opportunity to jointly explore how we can provide value to your supply chain. We are also here for those interested in reliable supplier from time to time for assisting with business upside. We are happy to provide manufacturing resources to help a customer manage growing pains. Bottom line, we see collaboration as important in forming successful relationships. Give us a call to see how we can work together.

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