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Northwest Precision, Inc.

Rumford, Maine


Northwest Precision, Inc. is located in Rumford, Maine, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining, Fabrication.

Mahoosuc Woodworks, LLC

Rumford, Maine


Specialists in Quality Wood Routing and Machining Services Mahoosuc Woodworks, LLC was founded in 2006 in Rumford, Maine near the picturesque Mahoosuc Mountain Range asa premier supplier of quality custom wooden furniture parts, precision 5-axis CNC routing and machining servicesfor leading master craftsmen, professional artisans, woodworkers and manufacturers of fine wood furniture. Discerning woodworking professionals depend on Mahoosuc Woodworks for precision 5-axis CNC wood routing and machining services, concurrent engineering, design development assistance and exceptional customer service. Providing Quality Customer Service for Wood Products ManufacturersMahoosuc Woodworks takes pride in providing quality customer service. We work closely with our customers throughout the design, development and production stages of a project to insure a premium product. Our value-added design development and engineering capabilities leverage the expertise of our talented staff for singular custom wooden part solutions that solve the most complex project challenges.The dedicated and experienced staff at Mahoosuc Woodworks proudly serves the evolving needs of an expanding network of valued customers in the following market sectors: Fine Furniture Fine Cabinetry Store Fixtures Wood Products Manufacturing Government and Military Independent Woodworking Shops Mahoosuc Woodworks has developed strong relationships with our valued customers based on the quality of our custom wooden parts; business integrity and proven ability meet critical production requirements of speed and cost-efficiency. Mahoosuc Woodworks appreciates your patronage and looks forward to the opportunity to serve you. Pleasecontact usto learn more about our distinctive wood furniture parts, 5-axis CNC wood routing services and how partnership with Mahoosuc Woodworks can help enhance the success of your enterprise.

Renew Carburetors

Rumford, Rhode Island

Servicing popular carburetors like Holley 1920, 2300, 4150, 4160, 4165, 4175, 4180, 4190, Edelbrock AFB Performer & AVS Thunder, and Stromberg WW series carbs.

Rebuilding carburetors to factory spec, your spec, or somewhere in between.

Ready-to-install used/rebuilt carburetors are also available.

The cleaning & prep process includes aviation-quality degreasers, rust & corrosion eliminators, steam & ultrasonic cleaning, polishers & brighteners, and plenty of elbow grease leaving a natural and clean patina. Media blasting is not used during any process.

All carburetor renews include only the highest quality ethanol-compatible components from sources like Holley, Edelbrock, Braswell, BLP, AED, Walker, and others.

Rebuilt carburetors typically cost 45-65% less than new.

Online at


Rumford, Maine



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