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PSM Industries

Los Angeles, California


For over 50 years, PSM Industries has been engineering solutions for your most demanding component needs. Using the fundamentals of Powder Metallurgy (PM), we have 6 manufacturing divisions that can satisfy your search for sintered products: Pacific Sintered Metals division, Los Angeles, CA specializes in high performance PM. We offer Custom Engineered high volume, high density/strength and close tolerance components. Pacific Sintered Metals has the experience and equipment to handle the job. Pacific offers high temperature sintering and is especially knowledgeable about stainless steels, high strength structural steels, and high conductivity copper. Automotive, commerical applications and assemblies welcomed. PM Krupp Technologies division, Los Angeles, CA specializes in fully dense PM. Using the principal of pressing net shapes our high speed steel or tool steel eliminates costly secondary operations that provide you with lower costs. Our materials are used to cut steel, wood and plastic. PolyAlloys Injected Metals division, Los Angeles, CA specializes in metal injection molding. If you need extreme shape complexity utilizing high performance materials, this is the place! PolyAlloys makes a wide range of near fully dense metals including stainless steels, alloy steels and copper. Bestmetal, division Woodstock, IL specializes in larger PM components for industry. We outperform on gears, splines and sprockets. Short run PM is a specialty, and we never turn away a short run opportunity. Ferro-Tic division, Newburgh, NY makes high wear, Ferro-Tic® machineable carbides for the most demanding tool and die applications. Ferro-Tic® materials utilize spherical titanium carbide balls in a steel matrix. Applications to handle wear and impact and shock loading. All Ferro-Tic® materials are hot isostatically pressed (HIPPED) to full density. Yillik Precision Carbide division, Ontario, CA is in the business of making precision products from tungsten carbide materials. Carbide drill bushings, nozzles, wear components and dies are specialties. Or your custom shape can be manufactured in WC

Fidelity & Health International

4.29 (7)

Los Angeles, California


Fidelity & Health Int’l Co. Ltd., is a manufacturer of Tooling, Molding & Assembly in Hong Kong and China. F&H is a supplier of prototypes, molds, plastic parts, metal parts and assembled products located in Mainland China. We have more than ten years’ experience in plastic & metal manufacturing, possessing the very latest in tooling equipment as well as highly trained, expert molding personnel. F&H specializes in new product development, as well as mold design, and variety molding. We produce molds for various industrial and consumer plastic products according to each customer’s specific requirements. In addition to our mold making facility, we have over 1500 workers in our molding facilities. We also develop complete product turnkey solutions, including packaging design and product assembly. These turnkey solutions allow us to ship packaged, finished products directly to market. For over 15 years Fidelity and Health has enjoyed an unparalleled reputation as a high-quality and cost-efficient supplier that offers: Advanced design and testing Quality manufacturing Accurate inventory management Fastest time to market Reduced overall capital investment Most comprehensive end-to-end solution Our capabilities extend to R&D, design and complete turnkey solutions for your manufacturing needs. If you have any inquiries or need to obtain quotes, please contact Fidelity & Health Int'l Co., Ltd. and visit our website:

Peterson Spinning & Stamping

Los Angeles, California


Founded by Mr. Peterson in 1934 we have been serving the industry since then and have steadily expanded our facilities for increased production capacity and capabilities. In 1985 Mr. Peterson retired and Mr. Helmut Korte bought the company and is still managing it today. Peterson Spinning Stamping has developed unique capabilities by combining deep drawing and spinning operations to generate complex part configurations. 75% of our production consists of stainless steel components. PSS serves many different industries. The main industry being swimming pool/underwater lighting and filter housings. Automotive components: stainless steel spare tire covers for SUVs, custom hub caps for aftermarket applications as well as air intake venturis for supercharged engines. Medical equipment: surgical lighting reflectors, cryogenic transportation and shipping containers. Lighting industries: indoor and outdoor lighting reflectors. Defense parts: shape charge liners, ammunition components and missile components.

LP International

Los Angeles, California


LP International is a 82 year old US Manufacturer of Metal Components. LPI is a primary domestic fabricator of straight and bent tubing, sheet metal and spun metal components. Also active in direct importing for over 40 years, LPI has developed a core group of factories manufacturing a broad spectrum of products. Located in Los Angeles, LPI maintains warehouses in California and Florida to facilitate "JIT" requirements and fast customer service. Engineering is available to facilitate product development and on going project management. LP International supplies component parts and "turn key" products to OEM's as well as finished and packaged items ready for retail. LPI imports springs, PC Boards, castings, stampings, electrical harnesses, cables, CNC and screw machine parts, injection and blow molding, and fittings as well as tubular components, assemblies and subassemblies. Among the industries served are medical, display, computer, automotive, recreation, outdoor portable lamp and fixture.

A.R.E Metal Fabricators

Los Angeles, California

A.R.E Metal Fabricators is located in Los Angeles, California, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Sheet Metal, Fabrication.

American Chain & Gear Co.

Los Angeles


American Chain & Gear Co. is located in Los Angeles, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Fabrication.

souro inc

Los Angeles Ca 90014, California


souro inc is located in los angeles ca 90014, California, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Engineering & Design Services, Fabrication, Sheet Metal, Stamping.


Los Angeles, California

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Our Mission Statement:
Dieform is committed to providing our customers quality parts, on time delivery and a conscious effort to maintain our status as a quality leader in our field.

Dieform's Customer Commitment:
Dieform's ""Hot Swaging"" process is very specialized. We can provide customers with a pre-swage drawing to ensure that all inside dimensions will come out when parts are machined. One more way to help Dieform's Customers is our commitment to ""Hot Swage"" every Wednesday so that the parts are ready the following day.

Dieform's quality system is based on ISO 9002 requirements and we have been surveyed by many of our aerospace customers including Beoing and Parker-Hannifin to be compliant to ISO 9002.

With over 40 years in the swaging business Dieform has built up an extensive catalog of machine dies / tooling. We produce our own tooling in-house at cost which saves the customer time and money. We have more then 20 Swaging Machines that range from .060""O.D. to as large as 5.500""O.D.

Capabilities Include but not limited to:
Cold Tubular Swaging & Hot Rotary Swaging to DPS4.505 Boeing Certified, Flaring, I.D. Swaging / Expanding, Flattening and Complete Assemblies / Machining of Torque Tubes, Push / Pull Rod Assemblies, Control Rods and Links, Engineer & Manufacture Inserts, Fittings and Rod-Ends for Tubular Assemblies.

Rolled Steel Products

Los Angeles, California

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


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