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Integrity Manufacturing Inc.

Frankfort, Illinois



We are a certified WBE/WOSB/ISO leader who takes pride in measuring and improving our quality and delivery time. Our small business allows us to be creative and flexible, regardless of the complexity of the job.

At Integrity, we partner with our clients to manage and coordinate design, sourcing, production, packaging, and shipping, giving them a single point of contact for their projects so that they can focus on their business.

Our employee-centric model allows our team to work together to deliver a great customer experience so we can all strive for being the best at everything we do.

H & H Die Manufacturing

5.00 (1)

Frankfort, Illinois


Established in 1952, HH Die Mfg. is best known for its quality craftsmanship and personal service. Our commitment to excellence motivates us to continually research better ways to machine the most difficult welds and steels. This research enables us to offer our customers cutting edge abilities and technology to produce a quality product on a timely basis. We are also a ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer. Our engineering department works closely with customers to ensure that every product meets your needs and conform to your standards. We utilize the latest CAD/CAM software to provide a wide range of services from volume studies, to complete die design. The range of our capabilities allows us to be very flexible in what we provide to the customer to compliment the final product. Blueprints, 3-D models and Cam posted files are just some of the services offered. We are also always improving our methods so that quality products are provided on a timely basis. We strive to excel in all areas of our manufacturing, from milling to wire EDM. Our commitment to improvement and quality will benefit you as our customer for years to come. HH Die Mfg utilizes many different types of machines to fit you rough and polish needs. We use floor grinders, die grinders, hydrotel, and EDM. Using one, or a combination of these we insure a high quality product. Casts and leads are made upon request to ensure a quality product. All work is checked by our Quality Assurance department. We have a lift capacity of 25,000 lbs.
WE KNOW OUR BUSINESS...Swider Brass Fittings, Inc. is a family owned and operated company.The owners are journeymen machinists (a rarity in this business) so they know what it takes to produce and deliver a top quality products.Swider Brass Fittings, Inc.delivers QUALITY...ON TIME! Equipment List:DAVENPORT MODEL B (5 SPINDLE) AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINES. 7/8" ROUND, 3/4" HEX, 5/8" SQUARE. MAX TURNING CAPACITY.NEW BRITAIN MODEL 52 (6 SPINDLE) AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINES. 1 1/4" ROUND, 1 3/8" HEX, 29/32" SQUARE. MAX TURNING CAPACITY.NEW BRITAIN MODEL 62 (6 SPINDLE) AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINES. 1 5/8" ROUND, 1 1/8" HEX, 1 1/8" SQUARE. MAX TURNING CAPACITY.INTERTECH T-15 TURNING LATHE WITH SUB SPINDLE MASS A20B CNC SINGLE SPINDLE SCREW MACHINES. 0.866" ROUND 0.748" HEX 0.591" SQUARE.MASS OPT 1 1/4 SINGLE SPINDLE AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINES. 1 1/4" ROUND 1 1/8" HEX 29/32" SQUARE.

Rutledge CnC

Frankfort, Kentucky


Rutledge Cabinet -n- Casework, LLC is a company that is built on providing quality craftsmanship in quantity. With over 30 years experience in the industry, Rutledge CnC prides itself in its ability to meet your every woodworking need. We have the knowledge and skillset to customize each and every order as needed by our customers. No matter how simple or complex the project, Rutledge CnC goes above and beyond to ensure that the end product meets your specifications. Mike Rutledge has been doing business since 1978 in Frankfort, Kentucky under the name Rutledge Remodeling & Cabinetwork, Inc. As his business continues to grow, he decided to expand and move into a different realm in the woodworking industry. Rutledge CnC was created to embrace larger companies with the same hometown personal service.

Stamper Inc

Frankfort, Kentucky


Stamper Inc is located in Frankfort, Kentucky, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Stamping.

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