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Diaz Welding and Fabrication

Bardstown, Kentucky


Specializing in custom fabrication and repairs.

BG Machine

4.00 (1)

Bardstown, Kentucky


BG Machine is a versatile machining company. We offer high production as well as precision machining. We have a vast array of CNC equipment and software to support it. Each and every part is given full inspection and part inspection forms upon request for our customers. We are in the process of becoming ISO 9000 compliant and have recently purchased a Mitutoyo CMM for our inspection room. We pride ourselves on quality products w/ quick turnaround. Feel free to visit our website for our capabilities. Our business, located for over 25 years at the same location in rural Bardstown, Kentucky, has been built on designing and manufacturing quality tooling and equipment for the post-formed PVC extrusion industry. This versatile, high-speed process is used to manufacture construction product systems such as vinyl siding, soffit, and skirting. We have furthered our capabilities by moving into the automotive industry and produce a large array of tooling to support our customers. We have a vast array of production type lathe's and mill's to suit our customer's needs. We also provide in-house Black Oxiding and Heat Treating for quick turnaround on our parts. Our product line includes, but is not limited to the following: High-speed water-cooled calibration tooling Post-formed product design Embossing machines with cooling rolls Vacuum/water calibration/sizing tables Cut-off/notching tooling Misc tooling and equipment for the extrusion industry Complete extrusion down-stream systems Automotive Brake Tooling Material Handling parts & accessories. State of the art CAD/CAM, wire EDM, CNC milling, CNC turning, as well as numerous manual milling machines, lathes, grinders, and fabrication all play an important part in the tooling and machinery manufacturing process. BG Machine, Inc. also offers excellent support and services for the products we manufacture, as well as product design and extrusion line layout and design.

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