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Rubber Development, Inc.

Waverly, Iowa


Rubber Development Inc. Corporate Information:Rubber Development Inc. has over 30 years experience inthe custom molded rubberindustry. We are in the process of becoming ISO 9000 certified and our production capabilities include compound formulation, custom mixing, ASTM Testing, tool design, compression, injection and transfer molding of rubber plastic and metal components, industrial strength rubber bands, foam rubber, sheeting, metals, and even plastic parts. Our primary expertise is in producing all types of molded rubber parts from o-rings, seals, rubber sheeting, bellows, bumpers, plungers, vacuum cups, grommets, rollers, diaphragms, boots, hose, pads, handles, flanges, ring shroudsand gaskets. Witha selection ofpresses to choose from, our parts rangein size from less than .5"x.5" up to 5'x12' parts. We are a unique manufacturing firm that offers design assistance, in house tooling, custom material formulation, and much more. We like to think that if it's made with rubber, we can handle it. On top of that, our size allows us to tackle all projects and focus on quality and delivery to our customers both large and small.Mission Statement:Rubber Development Inc. works to gain an competitive advantage for its customers by providing innovative solutions to their elastomeric problems. We then protect that advantage by providing the highest quality products at fair prices, delivered on time by an unquestionably reliable vendor.

GMT Corporation

Waverly, Iowa


GMT Corporation is located in Waverly, Iowa, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Fabrication, Machining, Sheet Metal.

Longbow Trading USA, LLC.

Waverly, Iowa

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


Longbow Trading USA, LLC coordinates manufacturing with Longbow China and delivers products for industrial and commercial use in standard and customized applications. Longbow Trading deals primarily in rubber, plastics, metals, and textile based products. We serve a large market base and aim to fill the needs of both large multi-national firms as well as small growing businesses. Our products are primarily manufactured in mainland China but our service and logistics management is United States based, so we offer competitive pricing with secure and fast delivery.


Waverly, Tennessee

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Central Sales and Service, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of rubber gaskets and products, as well as fabricator of materials for the markets we serve including locomotive, freight and passenger rail, maritime and nuclear facilities. Our capabilities include the ability to design, develop and manufacture – all at our facility located in the United States.


In addition to manufacturing, we offer our customers engineering services for new product designs or we can assist with any problems you may be having with existing designs. We’ll collaborate with you on your design needs, and follow through with the production of tooling, dies and molds. We strive to offer the best in customer service, product innovation, engineering, price and satisfaction.


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