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Atek Precision Castings

New Hampton, Iowa


Atek Precision Castings is located in New Hampton, Iowa, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Die Casting, RTV Molding, Investment Casting, Sand Mold Casting.

TriMark Corporation

New Hampton, Iowa

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


In 1971 TriMark Corporation was founded in New Hampton, Iowa on the basis of the Midwestern work ethic, engineering excellence, product quality and a drive to serve customer’s needs with products that fit their requirements, especially when that meant a customized solution. In 1989 TriMark employees added pride of ownership to their motivation by purchasing the company and becoming 100% employee owned. Today TriMark has four locations spanning the globe and serving customers on five continents; TriMark Europe in Coalville, U.K., TriMark West Alloy in London, U.K. and its first China operation, TriMark Xuzhou in Jiangsu province. After more than thirty years of developing door systems for the most demanding environments TriMark has become a trusted partner to some of the world’s best known brands of heavy equipment, agricultural equipment and over-the-road trucks.

TriMark Corporation is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of quality hardware products for the recreational vehicle, agricultural, truck, construction, and industrial enclosure markets. TriMark offers a wide range of handles, latches, striker bolts, linkages and complete door access systems and related components of truly exceptional quality.

Product quality is the primary driver of TriMark product engineering and its manufacturing processes. The emphasis on high quality persists throughout a worldwide supply base as suppliers are selected, not based on price, but the ability to deliver what TriMark is expected to provide; safety, quality, value and pride of ownership. Product validation is handled in TriMark’s world class testing laboratory, which is able to accelerate harsh operating environments. Salt spray, dust chamber, lifecycle, and strength testing are performed to validate and further compress the time needed to launch the entire door system.

Subcontract Profile

 TriMark is a certified worldwide manufacturer of vehicle door hardware with contract services including zinc die casting from .10 oz. to 14 lbs, RoHS compliant zinc electroplate, copper-nickel chrome or duplex- plating to SC 4. Short-run sheet metal stamping, laser/press brake, compound and progressive die stampings up to 385 ton. Plastic injection molding machines from 55-485 ton, materials include engineering grade thermoplastic resins. Other capabilities include rapid prototypes, part design assistance, tool design/ build, secondary ops and assembly. Manufacturing locations include US, UK and China. TriMark is ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002 and QS 9000 compliant.

Quick Turn Manufacturing (QTM)

Today, more than ever, speed is of the essence. Customers want what they want and they want it NOW! Manufacturing is under tremendous pressure to design, react, solve and supply in this high speed, high demand world and TriMark is ready to deliver.

Our customers work on shorter and shorter schedules to develop and produce products. “Old” methods of producing products fall short in meeting the demands of short lead times and last minute changes. Once in production these methods are generally satisfactory and competitive but getting to production is the story.

TriMark uses a great deal of steel stampings in customizing products. With this in mind our worldwide team has developed the technology and processes needed to provide the fastest, most accurate components needed to customize products.

Laser cutting with its significant advancements in cutting speed and accuracy is used to create flat pattern parts. A brake press is then used to form parts from the flat blank. The brake press uses standardized tools to form bends one at a time and using computer technology along with advances in hydraulic controls have enabled the brake press to produce parts that are accurate, repeatable and do not require hard tooling. For products that are not able to be produced using standard tooling we have even developed a method for creating tooling for short runs and short run production greatly minimizing tooling investment.

The commitment to a laser and brake press is notable but the advantages offered in product development, reduced tooling cost, faster schedules, flexibility and customer satisfaction are well worth the time and money.

As business speeds up its demands, TriMark is investing in the technology and developing the processes that keep our customers coming back for solutions to their door hardware needs.

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