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Accu-Turn Machine LLC

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Lawton, Oklahoma


Accu-Turn Machine LLC is located in Lawton, Oklahoma, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining.

H&H Metal Fab

Lawton, Iowa


HH is an innovative design and fabrication business offering customers solutions to their design challenges and goals. We specialize in all types of metal fabrication including welding, bending, cutting, drilling, shaping, machining and more and nearly all types of metal. We can help solve your design challenges and move your concepts into reality. Even without details or drawings, we work together with our customers to find the best way to bring their designs to life.

S&S Welding & Supply

Lawton, Oklahoma

Textile Distributor


Distributor of Solar Flux type I and type B.  A backing flux that replaces back-purging for the Welding of Stainless Steel and Hi-Nickel content alloys.  Best Price!

Solar Flux Type B for Welding Stainless Steel & High Chromium Steel.

Solar Flux Type I for Welding High Nickel Alloys.

Solar Flux has been producing X-Ray Quality Welds in Stainless Steel for over 50 years. It is often preferred over argon back-purging gas for its ease of use, speed, simplicity and low cost. Other variables being the same, either Solar Flux or Backing Gas will produce the same quality Weld.

The shielding gas or the flux in the electrode only protects the front of the weld. In thin wall material, or when making the root pass in thicker material, you must either use Solar Flux or Back-Purge with Argon Gas to drive out the Oxygen, Float out unwanted Oxides, and Dissipate the heat on the back of the weld. If not, you get a sugary, porous weld, and burn-through. The front of the weld will look good; but youâ??ll see the difference when you look at the back.

Solar Flux is inert, non-flammable, and non-explosive and can be shipped in any quantity by any means of transportation.

AWS/ANSI code: See Structural Welding Code---Stainless Steel. AWS D1.6:1999 Backing required for welder performance qualification (WPQ) and flux backing acceptable, Sections 3.29 and 4.8.7.

SOLAR FLUX type B conforms to the requirements of United States Military Specification MIL-F-7516B, classes 2 and 4.

SOLAR FLUX type I conforms to the requirements of United States Military Specification MIL-F-7516B, classes 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The shelf life is infinite as long as it hasnâ??t been mixed with fluid and remains in a closed can.

A little Solar Flux goes a long way: 2 oz. properly mixed and applied will cover approximatly 80 lineal feet.

Common Applications: Pipe and Tube Welding, Maintenance Welding, In Field Welding, One of a Kind Welds, Unusual Shapes and Configurations, Large Diameter Pipes and Ducts, Various Aircraft and Jet Engine Repairs, and many more.

A Material Safety Data Sheet and Technical Information & Specifications are enclosed.

Owner small welding service for TIG Welding Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and other common Alloys.

Will Weld small items that can be easily boxed & shipped.  Usually less than 25 lbs.

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