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Circle M Spring Inc.

Warsaw, Indiana




Circle M Spring has been producing quality metal forms and precision manufacturing for over 20 years. From springs and metal forms and stampings to precision machining used in the orthopedic and rifle industry. We have a wide range of machinery and capabilities to serve multiple industry needs. We pride ourselves on meeting stringent specifications, quality first mentality while offering turn around times to meet your needs.

Medcast Inc

Warsaw, Indiana


Medcast Inc is located in Warsaw, Indiana, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Investment Casting, 3D Printing.

B&M Instruments

Warsaw, Indiana


M Instruments was established in 1986 as a tool and die shop serving local manufacturers. The company has greatly expanded over the years to provide creative quality workmanship with excellent service. The BM Instruments' team provides the knowledge and flexibility to meet any manufacturing challenge. Our project capabilities range from prototypes, trials, implants, custom and production runs

BCF Precision

Warsaw, Indiana

BCF Precision is located in Warsaw, Indiana, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining, Springs & Wire Forming.


Warsaw, Indiana

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Buhrt Engineering for all your Custom Steel and Stainless Steel Fabrication, Welding, Forming, Laser Cutting, Design and Installation Needs


Since 1977, Buhrt Engineering has been known for its quality fabrications, including design and installation services serving a diverse industrial customer base.


Steel and Stainless Steel

Our experience in general, specialty steel, and stainless steel fabrication services assure defect free products delivered on time.

We have 32,000 square feet of fabrication area that accommodates a precision press brake, laser cutting machine, and semi automatic welding systems as well as other machinery to offer quality fabrications to various industries.

Our steel fabrication services meet stringent quality requirements to a diverse clientele. We partner with many service and engineering firms to fabricate, replace, reverse engineer, & maintain many of their parts and assemblies. Our laser and programmable precision press break support our customers needs with accuracy, professionalism and quality. We often direct ship our customer’s replacement parts worldwide.


  • We excel in specialty steel and stainless steel fabrications to tight tolerances in accordance to our customers specifications.
  • We have an extensive weld certification program in house with many certifications in AWSD1.1, D1.6, as well as ASME Section 9.
  • We employ trained and dedicated personnel and project managers which complete large projects quickly and efficiently.
  • We provide large scale fabrications and parts to many industrial customers including waste water treatment, steel mills, printing industry, refinery and chemical industries, heat treat, mining, equipment manufacturing, mineral processing, enviromental and polution control as well as other related heavy industry.
  • Our fabrication services cover laser cutting, rolling, forming, machining, welding, and assembly.
  • We provide repair and maintenance services for previously fabricated parts.
  • Fabrications include furnace roof and wall sections, and many types of water cooled assemblies.
  • We also provide an array of secondary finishing services such as straightening, flattening, sandblasting, painting, epoxy coatings, and deburring.


If you would like to see the equipment we have, our website gives great detail!


Please call or email anytime we can be of service.



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