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JHG Associates

Richmond, Indiana


Started in 1984 as a technical consulting company for the plastics and coatings industries, JHG Associates began in our garage, in an effort to afford college costs for our sons. In short order we had to rent additional space, and we added a technical support laboratory in Chicago. In 1997 we purchased a 20,000 square foot facility, and consolidated our 3 laboratories and 3 manufacturing areas, supporting our customers in compounded plastic resins, lacquers and coated plastics and papers. In Spring of 2007, we teamed up with New Zealand's Graphica Technologies LTD marketing their BONDMASTER thermal film laminating machines. In September, 2007, our neighbor's factory caught fire, burning ours to the ground; a complete loss. Loss of equipment forced us to stop lacquer and coatings manufacturing, eliminated our forensics laboratory, and reduced most of our plastics compounding. We now own a 21,000 square foot building, and continue marketing BONDMASTER Laminators. In addition, we have added a woodworking shop, limited printing abilities, and also do custom film laminating.

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