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Northeast Texas Machining & Hardfacing

Clarksville, Texas


North East Texas Hardfacing Welding has over 30 years of experience doing business with power plants, hardfacing bowl mills, pulverizers, and all pipe work with high abrasive wear. N.E.T. also specializes in heavy equipment buildup on blades, buckets, rollers, wear platesetc... If you have a high wear surface of any kind we can resurface that material to cut your costsometimes more than 50%. N.E.T.has a small company fill with large company productivity.N.E.T. is unique in the fact that we are one of the only hardfacing companies to do inspections along with hand repair on all projects before hardfacing applications are implemented. This saves time and money for the customer in the long run. There is nothing like getting lots of money tied up in a project to find out the process of hardfacing was poorly applied due to lack of preparation and inspection. Our 30+ years of hand repairs have saved clients thousands of dollars. Our products have been proven over the greatest test of all (TIME).

paco Manufacturing


Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


paco Manufacturing is a Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer based out of United States that joined MFG in 2007. They specialize in Machining.

Gonzalez TN LLC d/b/a Smithfield Manufacturing

Clarksville, Tennessee

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


In 1952 Basil Smithfield's vision started with the opening of a small tool & die company with one employee. Originally, Basil, a master Tool & Die Maker, produced dies and tooling for aircraft production. The business is now operated by Ron and David Smithfield, sons of Basil and Sue Smithfield, who grew up working part time in the business. Our family business has grown and evolved over the years and we now provide quick turnaround for precision machining, welding, and fabrication needs for a wide array of customers. We can make component parts based on samples as well as drawings. Arial View of Smithfield Manufacturing We have a modern air-conditioned facility, with a wide range of capabilities to meet your current business needs and requirements. We have a 42,000 square foot facility with 37 work centers. A number of our associates have been with our company for over 20 years. Their experience and dedication is passed on to your company in the form of unsurpassed quality products at competitive pricing. The Smithfield Manufacturing Team is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers. That commitment was sorely tested by a devastating tornado in 1999, which destroyed half the plant, but through incredible team effort not a single customer shipment was missed. Because of this dedication, the Better Business Bureau recognized our efforts as a runner-up for the BBB National Torch Award for Market Place Ethics in 2000. As a company we strive to continuously improve our quality, on-time delivery, and competitiveness to meet the needs of our customers. Our ISO9001:2000 Certification in 2005 is evidence of that ongoing commitment. One of our main goals is to continuously add and update equipment to become a better supplier. For example, with the introduction of the company's state-of-the-art Swiss CNC Machines, we are able to finish complex precision parts in one operation versus multiple operations using by other methods. We use the latest Lean Manufacturing techniques, including flexible specialized machining cells so that we may offer our customers a quick response and cost effective alternatives for purchasing families of precision parts. Our current equipment includes CNC turning, CNC milling, thread rolling, grinding, drilling, milling, honing, and much more! Visit our equipment page to view a comprehensive listing. The most important reason to let SMI be your vendor of choice is the personalized attention, with a combination of over 500 years of experience in our skilled machinists and managers dedicated to supplying quality parts and assemblies to your specifications.

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