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Accurate LASER Works, Inc

Churubusco, Indiana

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Accurate Laser Works, Inc. is a LASER job shop providing industrial and prototype cutting, marking and engraving of non-metalic materials.

  1. Acrylic sheet - Everything from sign letters to machine components and instrument panels.
  2. Thermoformed Plastic Part Trimming - Economical prototype trimming before expensive Steel-Rule Dies are purchased.
  3. Paper Products - From Pop-Up Cards to fiber gaskets, the LASER is the best tool to process these materials.
  4. Anodized Part Marking - Because a CO2 LASER bounces off metal, it is an excellent process to engrave through the colored anodizing to expose the metal beneath.
  5. Etching Glass - Marking glass from logos to part numbers, the marking is indelible.

A single prototype to 10K or more, we have been providing fast personal service since 1989.


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