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Scimitar Prototyping & Molding, Inc.

Streamwood, Illinois

Design / Engineering Firm


Scimitar Prototyping and Molding, founded in 1999, is one of the most respected rapid prototyping companies in the United States when it comes to quality, accuracy and delivery.  We not only meet, but usually exceed our customers’ expectations.

We pride ourselves on producing superior Stereolithography Models, RTV Molds and Urethane Castings, Assembly Fixtures, Custom and Photo Finishes, CNC Plastic and CNC Metal Parts.  Because we are in the business of selling time, Projects are quoted within 1 hour of the RFQ.  We are totally committed to providing you with excellent service and support from quote turnaround to job turnaround.

Founded in 1999 by Stuart Garner (Bachelors Degree - Aerospace Engineering) and Andy Prueher (Masters  Degree - Fine Arts), Scimitar has the intent to exceed industry standards with respect to model quality and customer service.

Why choose Scimitar over the Competition?

  • Accuracy & Quality
  1. SLA beam diameter of 0.006”  VS.  0.010” for the Competition
  2. Basic SLA models sanded to 220 grit VS. 150 grit for the Competition
  3. Clear SLA models sanded to 1500 grit VS. the Competitions 600 grit
  4. Traditional 2-piece (core and cavity), wooden RTV mold box  VS.  1-piece, cut rubber mold, using rubber bands or tape to re-assemble mold halves.
  • Savings & Speed
  1. SLA builds usually start within a few hours after receiving PO
  2. Guaranteed 50 Urethane castings per RTV mold cavity  VS.  the Competitions 10-15 castings
  3. 30 urethane castings per day (we have done as many as 125 castings in a day)  VS.  the Competitions 3-6 castings per day
  4. Painted models in 2 Days
  5. Production Urethane Assembly Fixtures in 1-2 weeks.  Can be created from actual production parts.  Huge savings over  CNC machined fixtures plus they are Non-Marring

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