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Access Assembly

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Mundelein, Illinois


We are anemerging and fast developing Contract Manufacturing Company with our roots firmly based in the electronicdevices manufacturing.The formation of our management team has its core values based on the standards established by the GMP and GDP as well as strict adherence to the governance set by the regulatory agencies. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified and our goal for the near future is to obtain ISO 13485 for Medical Devices, ISO/TS 16949 for Automotive Standards and ISO/AS9100 Aerospace Quality Standards. Currently in our industry the primary focus of supplier-customer relationship is "productivity" and "efficiency". While these terms also describe us very well we feel that the terms "friendly", "helpful", and above all "customer oriented" fit our mold. It may seem almost quaint given our industry to hear a company describe themselves using these latter terms, but this is what Access Assembly is, and we are justifiably proud of it. At ACCESS ASSEMBLY our main business is ASSEMBLY. We are an "Assembly House". We build custom electronics, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, electronics devices. Everything is 100% tested and our defect rate is near 0% . We have a strong network of relationships within the medical, automotive, telecommunication, security/ safety, and military industries so that our customers can rest assured that they will receive the personalized service they deserve. We can accommodate any order regardless of size. We offer more than just a set of hands to put individual pieces together. Our team of manufacturing professionals will guide the customer through the entire process and provide the optimum assembly solutionand most efficient method to complete the job. The welcome result is that our customers can lower their total overall costs, attain a better handle on their asset and overhead utilization, and keep their inventory levels low. This translates into a "shorter time to market" as well as increased ability to respond to market demands and fluctuations without being limited by the manufacturing cost. At the same time we give our customers the ability to focus on their core business. We are committed to quality and constantly looking for opportunities that can make us, and our customers, successful. Please contact us at 847-894-1047 or e-mail at

KrameTech. Inc

Mundelein, Illinois

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


  • KrameTech. Inc specializes in the production of high- precision mechanical parts, components and sub-assemblies for the aerospace industries as well as for medical instruments and other commercial sectors.

We operate 24/7 to deliver quality parts on time, every time. Please give us the opportunity to quote for you and show you our high quality and fast turn around.

VS Manufacturing CO.

Mundelein, Illinois

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


CNC Milling Services

• CNC machining of small and medium size parts
• 3D surface profiling
• 5 axis machining of complex parts on a single set up
• 4 axis rotary milling
• Machining components with tight tolerances

General Services Offered

General • General machine shop services

Production • Machining (low-volume runs with quick turnaround), just-in-time delivery schedules

Prototypes • Prototype machining supplier (rapid delivery, short lead time prototyping)

Contract Manufacturing • Contract machining (job shop and subcontracting)

Engineering & Design • Design Engineering, Prototyping 

CAVLab Inc

Mundelein, Illinois

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


3D Scanning / Digitizing: Laser based optical scanning and structured light scanning - also known as digitizing - enables three-dimensional data acquisition of physical part geometry. It is a unique and valuable resource used by industrial and manufacturing organizations seeking to revolutionize their design, engineering, production and quality control processes. Inspection Reporting: With the aid of specialized software, Laser based inspection is accomplished by comparing the scanned data to the CAD file from which a part was created. This resultant deviation and non-conformances are displayed graphically. The color values display the amount of deviation in a direction that is normal to the surface. Surface Modeling: The laser-acquired data can also be used to create surfaces that are recognized by industry standard design and modeling packages. Reverse Engineering: By scanning items that have insufficient design documentation, or require CAD data for modern manufacturing methods, a component can be quickly and accurately re-engineered. With accurate digital models, you can greatly reduce your time-to-market cycle. Whether a database is needed to make a prototype or build an injection mold, eliminating this traditionally laborious step will allow your design engineers to focus on development. Prototype and Production Tooling: Once a working CAD model has been created, any number from a handful to millions of parts can be produced. Our scanning technology can be used to verify both tooling accuracy, and ‘first off’ production parts. Tool Life Wear Analysis and Maintenance: Our analysis process can be used to document wear patterns over the production life of a tool. Regular sampling and analysis of production parts can be used to confirm part fitness – and thereby tool fitness over long production runs. Project Management: Our capable staff will organize plan, monitor, and coordinate all aspects necessary for the delivery of your product. From concept to production, the requirements of the project will be defined, satisfied within the established constraints, and produced as efficiently as possible for the best price. Platform Extension: Cosmetic surface re-design of a product may occur frequently. A platform model comprised of common core geometry eliminates unnecessary and costly design time when cosmetic changes are needed. By providing an accurate base that designers can quickly modify, product appearance can be fresh and in line with market trends without the high cost starting over. Industrial Design: A concept model can be created from nearly any medium. The model can then be scanned, and a wire-frame model created and surfaced. The surface model is rapidly prototyped into physical copies. These can be painted and decorated for market evaluation purposes.

Sigma Services Corporation

Mundelein, Illinois



Sigma Services Corporation is a Supply Chain Services Company with more than 12 years of experience in the consumer retail industry. We are focused on helping you with your Post Production needs. Sigma will manage your entire supply chain so you can do what you do best—focus on your customers.

So when faced with outsource packaging, distribution, and fulfillment problems, call the experts at Sigma ……and consider them resolved.


Sigma Services Corporation was founded on a primary objective, to become the single source for Post Production Services. There has been and continues to be a demand for a company that can generate new ideas with electrifying results. For the past 12 years, Sigma Services has done just that.


We have continued to grow and have added many companies to our portfolio. Companies in the food and confections, healthcare, personal and beauty care, educational, consumer electronics, gift set, home goods, and fund raising industries have benefited from the extensive services that we are able to provide. We have also been able to expand our core competencies to our satellite facilities that are located in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area and in Matamoros, Mexico.




Assembly Services

  • Display Assembly
  • Cartoning
  • Rework


Flexible Packaging Services

  • Shrink wrapping (clear and printed)
  • Bundle wrapping (clear and printed)
  • Overwrapping
  • Shrink banding
  • Auto-bagging


Thermoformed Packaging Services

  • Blister assembly and Sealing
  • Clamshell Assembly and RF Sealing
  • Coming Soon – UV Sealing for both Clamshell and Blister


Miscellaneous Packaging Services

  • Turnkey Packaging Services
  • Warehouse Club Store Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Bar Coding
  • Clip Strips
  • Fulfillment
  • Inspection
  • Procurement
  • warehousing


Mundelein, Illinois

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


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