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Travis Sherwood is the Sole Owner and Operator of Sherwood Machining and Tooling with over 20 years of job shop experience. Experienced in dies, injection, blow & rotational molding, fixtures, tooling, and custom made trimming machines.

I must add that my Wife Kim Sherwood now is now in charge Engineering here at SMT. Having left her Engineering job at a cabinet factory to work with me.

Sherwood Machining and Tooling is well experienced and quite capable of holding tolerances of .001 or less. We do prototypes and short run (100 pieces or less) production jobs so no matter what your needs are, We can meet and exceed your expectations. This is your opportunity to receive lean quality machining from an extremely qualified Tool Maker that builds craftsmanship into every project. We want the opportunity to make your first experience lead to a long term working relationship advantages to both our businesses growth.

    My shop is equipped with the following machinery:
  • Centroid CNC 12x54 3 axis bedmill
  • Centroid CNC 18x40 lathe
  • Sony CNC 10x50 2 axis turret mill Clausing 15x50 lathe with taper attachment

Contact information (620-330-3511)

Tracer Industries, Inc.

Havana, Illinois

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Tracer Industries, Inc is a fifty-four plus year old job shop specializing in contract machine manufacturing of Wheel Spindles, Axles, Shafts, Pins, Roll-Threaded Bars, Hubs, Weldments, Bushings, Spacers, sub-Plates, Structural Steel (parts), Flanges and Sub-Assembly to OEMs and Distributors. We employee the 7Ms of Successful Manufacturing : Profitable manufacturing comes about through the use of MONEY to bring together MACHINES and MATERIAL in such a manner that MEN can employ proper METHODS to produce products that will be acceptable to MARKETS; all these activities are coordinated by MANAGEMENT. Tracer using this frame work to better serve you the customer with price, quality and delivery with every project. Call Bill Knake @ 309/543-3306

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