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Wagner Machine Company

Champaign, Illinois


Wagner Machine Company is a precision CNC machine shop that is owned, managed, and run by highly skilled machinists. We are excited about machining and are constantly applying new skills and technology to improve the level of service we provide to our customers. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for small, precision machined parts regardless of the complexity or machining processes required. Our commitment to stay on the cutting edge of machining technology has driven us to continuously add new software and equipment as our customers' needs have evolved. We started in 1982 with only manual machining. By 1986 we added our first CNC machines, and we have been constantly adding advanced technology ever since. In addition to grinding, CNC milling, and CNC turning, we have added new specialized processes including wire EDM, abrasive waterjet, swiss turning, and full 5-axis milling. Our most recent focus has been automation. We started by adding barloaders to many of our CNC lathes and we now have two 5-axis mills that can run lights-out with robotic loading. While we are still committed to be your best source for prototype and low volume jobs, our new automation gives us the capacity to handle your largest production quantities as well. Our job shop specializes in low volume, prototype, and extremely complex parts. It has dedicated manual and CNC mills and lathes, and has access to all other shop equipment including wire EDM, abrasive waterjets with taper comp, 5-axis mills, and various types of grinders and hones. We use the same software and advanced machining techniques in the job shop as we do in our production departments, which allows work to flow smoothly from prototype to production. Our5-axis milling department does both prototype and production machining. While most 5-axis milling is really 3+2 milling, our machines and software are capable offull 5-axis or simultaneous 5-axis milling. We have four 5-axis mills including two that are automated with robotic loading for higher volume and true lights-out production. 5-axis milling allows us to machine complex parts with tight tolerances in one or two operations. The reduced number of operations ensure excellent accuracy and repeatability with a quick turnaround. Our mill department specializes in production milled parts. We have 9 high speed vertical machining centers with spindle speeds up to 24,000rpm to ensure we can make your complex parts at the best possible price. These machines have extremely fast tool changes and some are equipped with pallet changers for minimal spindle down time. We also have 4th axis rotary options on many of our production mills. Our lathe department specializes in production turned parts. We have over 20 CNC lathes with various configurations including sub spindles, live tooling, Y-axis milling, swiss turning, and automatic bar loading. We have greatly expanded our mill/turn capabilities to make sure we can provide the best pricing for your most complex parts. Ourabrasive waterjet departmenthas 2 Omax waterjets and runs both prototype and production jobs. We specialize in tight tolerance waterjet parts as well as waterjet cut blanks that require post machining including deburring, drilling, tapping, reaming, or full CNC machining. Our maximum plate capacity is 48" x 96" and we can cut with taper compensation to ensure there is minimal taper on the cut sides. We stock aluminum and steel plate from .030" - 2" thick and stainless steel from .030" - 1" thick for quick turnaround jobs. We have over 15 years of experience in waterjet cutting and are proficient at cutting almost any material including wood, plastic, glass, ceramic (tile and the real stuff), aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, inconel, hastelloy, and various types of laminates and composites. We also offerreverse engineering services. We have portable Romer articulating arm CMM, and several CAD and inspection programs including SolidWorks, PowerShape, DezignWorks, and Draftsight. We can reverse engineer new or broken components, and provide you with full CAD documentation, including professional engineering drawings, in the file format of your choice. Machine List and Capabilities: - Zeiss 5-axis fully programmable CMM with Renishaw PH20 head - allows inspection to tolerances of .0001" on almost any part - CNC Milling - over 15 vertical machining centers- We have various configurations includingspindle speeds up to 24,000RPM, 4th axis, and high speed pallet changers. - 5-Axis Milling - 4 vertical 5-axis milling machines- Two machines are robotically loaded for lights-out, high volume production. Machines have thru spindle coolant and are capable of gun drilling. - CNC Turning - over 20 CNC lathes- We offer true multi-task turning with various configurations includingautomatic bar loaders,sub spindles,live tooling, Y-axisandswiss turning - Surface, Cylindrical, and Centerless grinders - Sunnen hone - Omax Waterjets with taper compensation - sheet metal brake and shear - Sodick Wire EDM with full 4-axis capability and auto wire threading - various manual mills and lathes - Production Band Saws - vibratory deburring equipment - Portable Romer CMM for reverse engineering - CAD/CAM software includes: SolidWorks, PowerShape, PowerMill, DezignWorks, Draftsight, and FeatureCAM

HL Precision Machining, Inc.

Champaign, Illinois


More than thirty years ago, Harlan and Lash Machining, Inc. began manufacturing close tolerance, highly technological products made from a variety of materials. Using the latest in CNC technology, Harlan and Lash serves a cross-section of clients in the electronics, plastics, instrumentation, microwave services, and measurement industries. Our business philosophy is based on the development of long-term relationships with our clients. This philosophy, along with high quality, timely service, and a keen eye for detail continue to propel Harlan and Lash. Our success has allowed us to build a customer base of over eighty companies across the United States. As we grow, we at Harlan and Lash continue to expand our facilities and further invest in the latest technologies and quality control.


Champaign, Illinois

The TEKMILL is located in Champaign, Illinois, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining.

HL Precision Manufacturing, Inc.


Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


For over 30 years, HL Precision Manufacturing, Inc. has manufactured close tolerance precision products, from a wide variety of materials. Utilizing the latest in CNC technology in Milling, Turning and Sheet Metal Fabrication, we have built an excellent reputation for quality work and service for a broad range of customers/industries.

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