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E.B. Bronson & Company Inc.

Blue Island, Illinois


E.B. Bronson & Company Inc. is located in Blue Island, Illinois, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining, Fabrication.




ModernForgeCompanies, LLC is a third generation, family-owned forging company that puts clients first since we started in 1914. Working primarily with carbon and alloy steels, we feature a range of services to accommodate your manufacturing needs. Modernemploys over 500 people, operates over 35 production forge units, and multiple machine centers for finished products and assemblies. We are continuing our growth to expand and modernize while striving for excellence, using the latest in equipment from metalworking machines to computers Featuring vertical and horizontal milling, in addition to robotic welding, ModernForgeCompanies, LLC proudly works with a diverse range of industries and related applications. With machining centers equipped with pallet systems and robotic cells, we can machine components up to 31.5 inches in length. We also feature custom, quick-change hydraulic clamping for easy tooling changes, and can accommodate numerous machining processes, such as pocketing, profiling, tapping, drilling, and more. In addition to vertical and horizontal machining services, we also provide light assembly, engineering, and metallurgical expertise. With 5 forging presses equipped with automated reducer rolls and precision trim systems, we guarantee we meet our clients' specific tolerances. We can handle forging weight up to 80 pounds, and forging lengths up to 28 inches. Our presses range from 1,600 tons to 4,000 tons, and we offer additional secondary processes to further accommodate your forging needs, including heat treating, shot blasting, and magnetic particle inspection. Please contact us to learn more!

K.D.K. Upset Forging Co.

Blue Island , Illinois



Specialize in Forging and forging of specialty fasteners

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