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Blue Summit Machining

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Eagle, Idaho




Blue Summit Machining is a small family machine shop located on a farm in Eagle Idaho. Our team has over 25 years of combined experience in machining. Unlike large job shops each manufacturing job is closely monitored. As a small shop we have fast turn around time, allowing you to get your parts fast.

Milling Capabilities

At our machine shop the main work horse is the Hass VF2ssyt pictured. It has a 30″x 20″x 20″ table capacity with a weight limit of 1500lb. We commonly machine different types of metals but our specialty is milling aluminum and Stainless Steel. Using our automated probing system we are able to hold tight tolerances with less operator involvement.

Post Process

All parts are deburred and free from oil and debris each part is an individual poly bag.  We can also provide edge breaking, sanding, bead blasting (sand blasting), anodizing and powder coating. 

Part Quantity

Blue Summit Maching is a job shop that specializes in medium size orders. We are able to offer you the best value on batch sizes of 30 to 1000 parts. We are often competitive on smaller orders when a fast turn around time is needed. Because of our size we are able to quickly turn parts around when other shops can’t.

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