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We represent US manufacturers to provide our customer with the most economical part or assembly possible. Overton Associates has for 20 years assisted buyers and engineers with product design and production part manufacture. Also, we assist them in reviewing their cost to assure them that they have the lowest possible total cost for their part or assembly which includes quality, inventory, lead times, freight, and payment terms. In our years of business we have saved companies time and money. We are experieinced materials people that have used our training and expertize across many different industries and services. We have started from the concept of a part or product and built prototypes throught to final production units or we have consulted on design and manufacturing techniques. We have a multitude of roles and we seek to dilligently solve problems. Experience matters. We have that and are able to assist at any level.


Greeneville, Tennessee

MECO is located in Greeneville, Tennessee, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Stamping, Fabrication, Wire Harness, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Machining, Sheet Metal.

Innovative Design Industries

Greeneville, Tennessee

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Innovative Design Industries is a Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer based out of United States that joined MFG in 2010. They specialize in .

Jost International Corp.

Greeneville, Tennessee



JOST has been serving the heavy duty truck industry and is manufacturing fifth wheel coupling devices since 1956. 

Coating Service:

JOST has one of the most modern powder coating facilities and is thus also in a position to finish your products in its coating service center. Our facility is TS16949/ISO14001/ISO9001 certified and we passed the stringent GMW 14872 cyclic corrosion test standard.

The powder coating and pretreatment facility is suitable for manufacturers and clients from the automotive, commercial vehicle, agricultural, forestry and construction vehicles industry, as well as their suppliers.

It is also ideal for manufacturers of mass-produced cast and sheet metal components (due to our descaling capabilities for laser processed parts too):

Batch Size: Small and industrial scale
Weight of Individual Components: Between 1lb and max. 600lbs.
Dimensions: Up to 6' by 4' by 2' (L x H x W)
Layer Thickness: Between 2.4 – 3.5 mil

Fabrication Service:

-Laser & Plasma Cutting Up to 0.5""
-Manual and Robotic Welding

We are a Tier 1 supplier and certified according TS16949/ISO14001/ISO9001. The powder coating meets or exceeds the stringent GMW 14872 cyclic corrosion test standard.

Our capabilities are ideal for manufacturers of the following industries:
-Commercial Vehicle & Heavy Truck
-Agricultural, Forestry and Construction Industry

Unit Weight: Between 1lb and max. 600lbs.
Dimensions: Up to 6' by 4' by 2' (L x H x W)

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