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Deployed Resources

Rome, New York


WHAT WE DO Deployed Resources is a Veteran-Owned business formed in 2001 by a melding of innovators from the defense, construction, and entertainment industries. We lead the industry in providing turnkey life support facilities and related equipment. We manufacture our containerized equipment for precise control over our inventory. We currently own one of the largest inventories in the US, capable of supporting over 25,000 persons. We are strategically placed throughout the United States to immediately respond to our customers needs. We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified in our manufacturing and turnkey services so our focus on quality and management are integral to every facet of our operations. Our staff is trained in OSHA Competent Person Training, First Aid, ICS/NIMS and have worked throughout the United States so there are no learning curves involved with our performance. We immediately deploy to satisfy our customers needs 24/7/365. We regularly support military training events across the nation, have been involved in every major disaster since 9/11, provide support to the largest special events in the US and are a proven support team member for many of the Top 100 Industrial/Commercial companies in the world. We handle the unconventional and unpredictable with extraordinary flexibility and innovative solutions. With experience from the military, construction, and engineering industries, we provide a synergistic source for temporary facilities and logistics services that has proven to be concise and relevant for demanding clients. MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality, cost effective products and services. We perform our operations with a focus on safety, environmental sustainment, and quality with the highest levels of integrity. We strive to be the industry leader for innovative temporary facilities and consistently complete the projects and tasks others consider impossible.

Carlsen Precision Mfg

Rome, Georgia



Carlsen Precision Manufacturing, Rome, GA, is an expansion of the 100+ year old, successful family business, Larsen & Shaw Limited of Ontario, Canada. Larsen & Shaw is a leading ISO-certified manufacturer of top quality custom metal hinges and hardware serving a multitude of industries.  While Larsen & Shaw is known as The Hinge People, Carlsen is a precision manufacturer working closely with regional customers to produce an expanded product line.  The company has a solid knowledge of metal stamping, tool & die design, automation, plating, electro-polishing, finishing & lean manufacturing and has a well-established technical training program. We serve OEMs and distributors in the industrial, vehicular, medical, commercial and architectural markets.

Carlsen is built as a Center of Excellence from site development, building construction, state-of-the-art equipment & processes and the selection of the finest staff that align with the Values of the company.

Advanced Steel Technology

Rome, Georgia


Advanced Steel Technology is located in Rome, Georgia, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Sheet Metal, Fabrication, Machining.

Rome Tool & Die

Rome, Georgia



Rome Tool & Die is a Manufacturer based out of United States that joined MFG in 2009. They specialize in .

Eagle Industrial Contracting

Rome, Georgia



See Web-site

Revere Copper Products Inc.

Rome, New York


Revere Copper Products Inc. is a manufacturer based out of United States that joined MFG in 2005. They specialize in .

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