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JM Miles Construction, Inc.

Baxley, Georgia


J.M. Miles Construction Inc. opened its doors on October 12, 1988. Since then the doors having been swinging open non-stop. J.M. Miles Construction Inc. began with the goal of offering a diversified construction company that had a unique ability to perform both in-house machine shop work and outside installation work within the southeast region of Georgia. When we opened for business, we did not realize that our vision of offering machine and construction work would extend past the borders of Georgia and reach into neighboring states in the southeast United States. After a few years of working in a small warehouse, we moved into our current location on Brobston Street. We have expanded this facility from a 10,000 square feet machine shop to over a 54,000 square feet top rated machine and fabrication shop. With this expansion of room also brought on the addition of several new machines and equipment. We are actively and vigorously completing precision machine, welding, and steel fabrication as well as structural and mechanical construction projects. We have approximately 40 qualified and well trained employees who operate and run the machine shop facility. Also, depending on the work load, we have employed as many as 150 outside construction workers at one time. We have an employee pool of over 500 men and women in various fields of construction to choose from at any time. We are a diversified company that serves the industrial community. We offer a wide range of repairs in construction and the pulp and paper industry. We provide the best quality work in pipe fabrication, tank erection, concrete work and many types of shutdown repairs. We are small enough to give you personal attention, yet we are large enough to perform each job efficiently and thoroughly.Quality workmanship and customer service is of the utmost importance!

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