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Safety Harbor, Florida



BryCoat provides High Performance, WEAR RESISTANT & LOW FRICTION coatings for virtually ANY precision parts applications. APPLICATIONS for BryCoat Coatings: • Cutting Tools • Injection and Extrusion Molds • Taps, Dies and Punches • Forming Tools • Die Casting • Hydraulic/Pneumatic • Engine Parts • Marine Parts • Surgical/Dental Instruments • Sporting Goods • Food Processing • Automation Components BENEFITS of BryCoat Coatings: Wear Resistance  Parts last longer and hold sharp edges.  Cutting tools last 3 to 10 times longer. Productivity  Plastic molds fill faster.  Cutting tools run at faster speeds and feeds. Anti-Seizing and Anti-Galling  Moving parts slide smoothly. Decrease Downtime  Less frequent tool replacement and cleanup. Corrosion Protection  Enhances the corrosion resistance of the part.  Protects molds from pitting due to hot, acidic gases. No Dimensional Change  Super thin layer is uniformly bonded to the surface.  Standard thickness approximately .0001”. BryCoat Coatings are:  Ultra Hard (up to 85 Rc)  Low Friction  Non-stick  Thin Film Surface Coatings  Corrosion Resistant  Metallic Gold in Color  Temperature Resistant  Non-Toxic (Meets FDA Standards)

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