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Skill Metric Machine and Tool

Delray Beach, Florida


Skill-Metric is a multi-disciplined aerospace company specializing in the manufacture of complex engine tooling, airframe components, aircraft ground equipment and munitions loading equipment for the U.S. Government and commercial aerospace companies. We are ISO 9001:2008 AS 9100:2009 Certified.

Jumpsource Manufacturing

Delray Beach, Florida


Jumpsource Manufacturing is located in Delray Beach, Florida, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Die Casting, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Wire Harness, Fabrication, Investment Casting, RTV Molding, Sand Mold Casting, Machining.

Skill-Metric Machine & Tool, Inc.

Delray Beach, Florida

Skill-Metric Machine & Tool, Inc. is located in Delray Beach, Florida, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining, Wire Harness, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Stamping, Engineering & Design Services, Fabrication.

Jumpsource Manufacturing Inc.

Delray Beach, Florida

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Jumpsource has established successful, long-term working relationships with a worldwide network of over 200 qualified suppliers in addition to our own manufacturing facilities. We are experienced in working with a broad range of materials and are equipped to meet your Machining, Fabrication, Casting, Forging, and Molding requirements. In addition to steel fabrication we can source just about any item in Asia from baseball caps to magnetic rotor assemblies used in precision fluidic products. Just ask!

Looking at the total Jumpsource process, it’s easy to see how our innovative solution can dramatically reduce your Total Delivered Costs with savings across the board.

  • You’ll save on direct cost of mechanical components and assemblies, particularly parts that are machining intensive, labor intensive or require secondary processing or fabrication.
  • We work with your team and prioritize the parts that are appropriate for outsourcing, targeting the products that will maximize your savings.
  • Jumpsource audited and approved suppliers are matched with your needs, so you get quality parts delivered at the best price.
  • We oversee production, ensuring that process and inspection plans are followed precisely, negating costly errors.
  • No Costly Infrastructure
  • No Time Differences to Manage
  • No Cultural Misunderstandings
  • No Language Barriers
  • No Bad Connections
  • No Hassles

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