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Endeavor Manufacturing, Inc

Coral Springs, Florida


Endeavor Manufacturing is an aggressive and modern company with new ideas, to solving your old problems. EMI is a quality driven company that enters the contract manufacturing arena with a fresh new outlook, that is truly committed to its customers relationship first, that is not typically found in today's business world. It is our mission at EMI, to provide manufacturing services for customers that need a quality and cost minded manufacturing partner. Endeavor is committed to continuous improvement in our processes and products, through partnerships and communications that ensure understanding the expectations of both our internal and external customers. Quality objectives/metrics will be used to drive our improvements. We will deliver defect free products on time while working in a clean, and safe, work environment. As a leading ISO 13485:2003 and 9001:2008 Contract Manufacturer, Endeavor is proud to serve a broad range of clients. Our focus is to provide contract manufacturing services to customers whose products are too complex for other contract manufacturers, but whose volume requirements do not interest large-scale contract manufacturing service providers and/or those that need greater collaboration during the early stages of a new product introduction.


Coral Springs, Florida




GP-TEC is short for German Precision & Technology. A company formed in 2003 to address the growing need for a rapid Prototyping and Production machine shop. Our customers are focused in South Florida but our work is shipped all over the country and perhaps all over the world. We are pleased to offer Multi-Axis Milling and Turning services with standardized equipment and workholding. This allows us to move parts from operation to operation with minimal down time or to move jobs through the show in a parallel fashion.

If you're looking for a responsive shop delivering quality parts on-time, consider us for your next RFQ.

Maritime diesel Electric Inc

Coral Springs, Florida


Maritime diesel Electric Inc is located in Coral Springs, Florida, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining.

German Precision & Technology, LLC

Coral Springs, Florida

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Welcome to German Precision &Technology, LLC

We are a CNC machine shop specializing in precision CNC Machining and manufacture of precision machined parts.

We provide the highest quality of manufacturing and machining.

Our machine shop features an arsenal of precision equipment to tackle the high volume Milling and Turning demands of today’s market.


We count on CNC milling machines and lathing machines. Our 20 year experience in handling CNC machines provides us all the knowledge we need to satisfy your needs.

In GP-TEC you get your parts fast and you get them right.

Our skills come from the-only in Germany known-traditional apprenticeships where you are taught to GET THE WORK DONE!

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