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Miller Metal Fabrication

Bridgeville, Delaware

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


METAL PUNCHING...METAL FORMING...PLUS MILLER METAL is fast becoming an industry leader in the manufacture of custom sheet metal parts. In just five years, we've grown from a $1 million a year job shop to a $5 million a year company with complete production capabilities. Our success is due to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, an experienced sales and technical staff, and our convenient location in Delaware near metropolitan Baltimore, Wilmington, and Philadelphia. From small custom jobs to large production runs, we work to meet your needs. Our customers range from small local businesses to large national and international corporations. We've even worked with inventors and helped them turn their dreams into money-making reality. Through the use of lean manufacturing techniques and just-in-time concepts we can turn around products in a matter of days, sometimes providing next-day or same-day service. We've implemented Kaizen and ISO 9000 principles on the shop floor and state-of-the-art CAD/CAM, programming, and shop management software. In the words of our company president, ""you pay for the product, not the name.""

Dell Fastener Corporation

Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

Distributor of Industrial Products


Dell Fastener Corporation is a Distributor of Industrial Products based out of United States that joined MFG in 2013. They specialize in .

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