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Metalcraft Industries Inc.

Westminster, Colorado

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We offer “Economies of Scope” as Colorado’s most diverse contract manufacturing partner.

Serving industries from construction & lighting, through medical & aerospace...

Metalcraft Industries is an ISO 9001/ITAR organization:

  • General Introduction <>
  • Forming, Stamping & Fabrication
  • Progressive Die Metal Stamping (up to 180” tool length) <>
  • Deep draw product manufacturing
  • Press-Break sheet metal forming up to 9ft and 150 ton
  • Turret Press blanking and forming
  • Laser Blanks/Laser Cutting (4kW Fiber laser up to 7/8” steel with in-shop generated nitrogen)
  • CNC Machining
  • Robotic Welding and Weldments
  • Assembly, Kitting, and Packaging

We work with standard materials from aluminum, steel, and plastics to exotic materials such as honeycomb and titanium.


Metalcraft provides value as a “Manufacturing as a Service Partner”—packaging supply chain solutions, structuring product lifecycle planning, and supporting your team with VA/VE ideas (DFM - design for manufacturing suggestions).

1.      Metalcraft Industries Inc. (Denver brochure link)

2.      Metalcraft Industries NW: (Seattle brochure link)

Per Revolution Machining

Westminster, Colorado


About the Owners Carlton Whitehead is the founder of Per Revolution Machining LLC. Carlton is driven from passion and experience, creating him to be an expert in Precision Machining, Nobility, Honesty, Speed, Quality, and a high level of responsibility. His background includes Aerospace, Robotics, Automobile Overhauling, Transmissions, and millions of customizable parts with specific needs and use of exotic materials. Some of these have included Titanium, Nickel, Inconel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic and many others. Carlton's educational background has helped him achieve management skills and positions including machine shop supervisor, quoting, and even jobs including shipping the product to a customer. He has received recognition for quality and machining expertise while has been living his passion since he was 15 years old. After high school, he joined the Marine Corps and is a veteran of the US armed forces. Carlton takes pride in his marketing technique which includes but is not limited to, maintaining professional relationships with other machine shop owners and knowing what his work is worth! Past employers have been proud to know and work with Carlton because of his amazing quality of work and competitive price! Carlton was born in Dallas Texas but is a longtime Denver resident and in his free time he enjoys camping, fishing, 4-wheeling, and sport shooting. He loves spending time with his family and working on what goal he will conquer next! Carlton and his wife Riley met in 2013 and married shortly after. They share a beautiful young daughter together. Riley has been a positive influence and motivator in helping Carlton reach his goals and dreams while encouraging his special kind of knowledge and ability. Riley's educational background has also helped her to achieve management skills, customer service, money handling, business certificates, CNA certificates and certificates in early childhood development. Riley strives to impact people in a positive influential way while she is eager to never stop learning and advancing her career! Born in Connecticut, Riley moved to Denver when she was 3 years old and enjoys volunteering with teenage girls in her local youth ministry and also loves cooking, family time, swimming, crafts and making a positive impact in someone's life.

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