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P & L Machine Co Inc

Littleton, Massachusetts


What We Do PL Machine is an engineering services company that provides precision machined parts and assemblies for prototype and short run production. We view ourselves as a service organization. In addition to supplying precision machined parts, we look to support your engineering and manufacturing teams with our technical and management capabilities. FOR ENGINEERING We understand the importance of product development schedules and prioritize our schedulesaccordingly. Our software tools are current so we can take part files directly from your development process improving our accuracy and reducing cycle times. FOR MANUFACTURING We will assemble parts that we make for you into complete sub-assemblies to reduce your manufacturing overhead. We will work with your manufacturing engineers to improve manufacturability of a part and reduce costs. FOR PURCHASING Our management systems allow us to supportboth Kanban and consignment methods ofinventory management. Our ERP system keeps track ofpart inventory levels to insure that we have sufficient product available to meet your needs. FOR ALL We communicate. Whether we need information or have information to deliver, good or bad, we will do so directly and accurately.

RKDS Engineering

Littleton, Colorado


RKDS Engineering started in 2008 designing and constructing tools for the upstream oil and gas industry. We started the machine shop in 2010 to speed the building of prototypes and more easily control project lead times. Our operation has since expanded to other industries and now machining accounts for over 70% of our business. Our continuous investment in technology lets us complete projects from prototypes to production on our robot tended machining and turning centers.

BEI Supply

Littleton, Colorado


About Us BEI Supply is a family run full service supplier based in Denver, Colorado with offices in China and South Korea. We have been developing, sourcing and manufacturing products in Asia since 1992. BEI Supply has established a proven process to locate the best manufacturer for your product. Our staff evaluates the people, products and processes of each factory before we begin production. We then provide certified engineering and first class quality control procedures until the products are completed and shipped to our warehouse in Los Angeles. Our services range from, sourcing products currently on the market, to working with concepts, samples and drawings to make your vision a reality. Why work with BEI Supply? With more than 30 years of experience working with Asian manufacturers, we understand how business is conducted offshore. Having offices in China and South Korea, coupled with the ability to speak the language, provides us the opportunity to build strong relationships with each factory. Our direct communication with the factory allows you to optimize all benefits in Asian manufacturing. In addition to sourcing and manufacturing your product, we also provide hands on quality control inspections and complete delivery service, including all shipping and customs requirements. With BEI you will always receive exceptional customer service,since we are a family run business you are always speaking with one of the owners. One of our core values is seeing our customers succeed, and we are confident we can be an asset as part of your supply chain.

Foothills Plastics Manufacturing LLC

Littleton, Colorado

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Developing and producing high quality custom plastic parts in a timely and professional manner at reasonable pricing is Foothills Plastics Manufacturing, LLC 's (FPM) offering.  FPM has its own inhouse tooling to meet stringent customer specifications and therefore provide inhouse design assistance from prototype through initial production. 

FPM is focused on all industries that need to move plastic products to market fast.  Industries like Manufacturing, Energy (solar), Handicap and specialty/custom parts manufacture are just a few of the markets that FPM can serve.  FPM's short term goal is to provide to the industry a means to bring new plastic products to market, faster (more efficiently) and under budget.  Our longer term goal is to be one of the best plastic houses within the Rocky Mountain Region.

FPM has in-house facilities for toolmaking. Tools can be manufactured from wood, resin, modelboard or aluminium depending on the type of moulding method to be used and the tool life required.


We can accept part design information as paper drawings, an existing part to be copied or as electronic data in 2D or 3D formats.


We have a Fadal VMC which is used extensively in the toolmaking process, a APM Delux Thermoforming machine for prototype and initial production, and the engineering/design expertise to create your parts to meet prototype and intial production deadlines within budget and timeline.

Let FPM be your New Product Development Partner!


Foothills Plastics Manufacturing, LLC is a specialist in providing vacuum forming and thermoforming solutions for a wide range of different markets. Here is a list of some of our cost effective solutions and services.

  • Thermoforming - generic term for moulding plastics by application of head and pressure.

  • Vacuum Forming / Moulding - Moulding of thermoformable sheet into/over a moulding tool by application of vacuum when the sheet reaches moulding temperature, using automated production machines.

  • Press Forming - Forming simple shapes by pressing heated sheet into required shape.

  • Assembly & Fabrication - From basic mouldings to complex assemblies.

  • Hot Line / Local Bending - Heat applied in local (line) only, then parts formed as required.

  • Drape Forming - Similar to press forming.

  • Free Blowing - Forming clear/simple shapes using air pressure only for high clarity domes, etc.

  • CNC Machining - For automated trimming of complex components.

  • Tool / Mould Making - Vacuum forming tools, CNC fixtures and programmes needed to manufacture custom made components.

  • Design Assistance - advice during early stages of design to optimise concepts for cost-effective production.

  • CAD / CAM - Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture systems employed.



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