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BC Machine

5.00 (15)

Lakewood, Wisconsin

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



BC Machine Inc, a small women owned business with ISO 9001:2015 certification. We have been serving the manufacturing community since August 1997 with our very competitive prices and quality machined parts. Here at BC Machine we operate within 20,000 square feet, all under one roof. As a manufacturer we do machining of precision machined part per customers drawings/blueprints. We machine parts out of round bar, plate and rectangle bar stock mostly related to oil, paper and defense industry. We have 15 CNC machines running.

MIKRON Valve & Manufacturer

5.00 (14)

Erie, Pennsylvania

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Mikron Valve Manufacturer, Inc is a US based manufacturer of Ball Valves and the Miller line of Check Valves. We do a wide variety of machining as well. We are setup to do single piece jobs up to huge lots. Mikron Valve employs the most skilled craftsman in the trade that specialize in working with a wide range of material including Stainless Steel, Titanium, Inconel®, Stellite®, Hastelloy®, Teflon®, Peek®, and many other domestic materials. We have been in business since 1979 and have been utilizing the latest in engineering CAD/CAM software,CMM software,and CNC manufacturing equipment. We are committed to Quality, we are ISO9001-2008 certified and hold the API (American Petroleum Institute) certification 6D-#6D-0867. Put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.

Hoff Machining

5.00 (9)

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



SOON TO BE CERTIFIED IN ISO 9001! HOFF Machining is located in Johnstown, PA and specializes in precision machined components for various industries - aerospace, mining, electronics to name a few. Tolerances tight as +/- .0001 Utilizing CNC Machining and Turning Centers, our accomplished machinists are able to produce the most intricate, high precision parts in quantities ranging from prototype 'one-offs' to thousands in a production run. We continuously strive to be at the forefront of our field. Accordingly, HOFF Machining systematically reviews its production methods and makes changes to improve product quality and lower costs. Our goal is to provide for you the highest possible quality product, using the latest technology in machining. Expert craftsmanship and satisfaction guaranteed are hallmarks of our over 30 years of servicing our clients. You are very important to us! When necessary we'll operate 2 shifts a day to deliver the best possible product, on time and to exacting standards. Our customers appreciate our dedication to quality, our ability to solve their design problems and exceed their expectations. Nothing leaves our facility without an onsite inspection. MasterCAM is utilized to provide state of the art programming. From the expert use of the latest CAD software to superior surface finishing, HOFF instills excellence in your product. Please call/email us with all your machining requests.

Wapiti Metalworks, Inc.

5.00 (4)

Divide, Colorado



Wapiti Metalworks, Inc. is a small S-Corp machining business with general CNC milling capabilities located in the mountains of Colorado. Husband and wife owners are master degreed professionals with combined 60 plus years of experience in business and machining in the automotive, aerospace, oil field and DOD/NASA environments. Our business interests are mainly custom production CNC machining, but will also take on mechanical engineering consulting and prototyping for special projects.

J & B Machine

Greeley, Colorado

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


J & B Machine is a contract manufacturer, specializing in Machining and Fabrication value-add services.

As with any company who has been around for the better part of 3 decades, we have identified the most important asset we have, our team! This talented group of individuals is what has enabled J & B to stand the test of time, and build long-standing partnerships with our broad customer base. In order to do so, a team must be guided by a set of values. Our values came to us not by choosing words off a white-board in the conference room. But rather, by observing the daily interactions of our team both internally with each other & externally with our customers and vendors. Those observations defined what our team values:

  • Problem Solving
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration
  • Conscientiousness
  • A Growth Mindset

Guided by these values and utilizing the latest in manufacturing technology, J&B excels at adding value to every step of the manufacturing process.

Quoting: We pride ourselves in our DFM (Design for Manufacture) feedback. If our team sees the opportunity to reduce cost, our customer is the first to know. During the quoting process our team utilizes an ERP system which combines up-to-date material pricing as well as time studies accumulated from the manufacturing of hundreds of thousands of parts, ensuring the quote you receive is accurate & competitive.

Scheduling: Our ERP system converts quotes won into fully traceable job travelers, which follow your order from placement to shipment. This system allows full trace-ability on material certs, run reports, quality checks & COC’s (if necessary). Screens throughout the shop give our team real-time updates on scheduling and throughput figures, ensuring your job is completed on time.

Quality: Every job that is released to the shop floor is accompanied with specific, documented steps that outline the process that exact part will follow. Whether it is a structural cart in the fabrication shop, or a titanium breach cap on a CNC lathe; all steps require (backed with documentation) a first article inspection. Throughout the manufacturing of that specific component(s), samples are inspected and documented based off quality requirements from the customer. Once the part(s) is complete, a final inspection (if necessitated) is performed and documented before given the clear to ship. All of this is well documented in our quality manual, feel free to request a copy!



Triple S Specialties, LLC

Hudson, Colorado

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We are a machine and production shop that will surely handle all of your machining needs. We offer a variety of milling and lathe cutting tools, including end mills, drills, and taps. We provide: end mills, drills, taps, cutting tool kits, milling inserts, lathe inserts and much more! Contact us today for your quote!

Goltec - Precision CNC Machining

Arvada, Colorado



Goltec - Precision CNC Machining; provides precision machined components that meet the specs and requirements of the customer at a fair price, with an improved lead time.

Stemming from an AS9100 certified company Goltec offers an avenue for companies to source their products with the expertise of an aerospace level machine shop without paying the unnecessary costs associated with the extra steps and processes. At Goltec we work directly with the customer to understand the needs of the components and what the desired outcome is then manufacture the product without building in unwanted costs.

LMS Bearings

Lafayette, Colorado

Distributor of Industrial Products


The industries that we serve are as follows.


*Lawn and Garden

*Health and Exercise equipment

*Electric Motor bearings.

*linear motion equipment


*RC cars and planes


*Food and beverage

*Car wash

*Packaging equipment

Frontier Metal Stamping

Frederick, Colorado


Precision Metal Stamping - High Volume Custom Parts - Engineering - Precision Tool & Die - Welding - Assembly - ISO 9001:2015

Cogitic Corporation

Colorado Springs, Colorado


Cogitic is an engineering and manufacturing company based in Colarado that specializes in complex geometry components, produced from difficult-to-machine materials, for critical applications. We are capable of full 5-axis machining up to 60" x 72", horizontal turning up to 18" x 60" and have a full range of support processes.Support processes include welding and brazing to specification S9074-AR-GIB-010/278, grinding, hydrostatic, temperature, and thermal shock testing, and ultrasonic stress relieving. Some of our common materials are: Nickel alloys, Cobalt alloys,Invar®, Copper alloys, Corrosion-resistant steels, alloy steels, engineered plastics and glass ceramics. Here at Cogitic, we satisfy our customers. We utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to ensure the best work. We also are able to understand complex customer documentation requirements. We have a staff of driven perfectionists who embrace any manufacturing challenge!

O'Keefe Ceramics

Woodland Park, Colorado


O'Keefe Ceramics is a precision fabricator of ultra-hard, fully dense ceramic materials. Our ceramic components are used in a multitude of industries that include: semiconductor, aerospace, electronics, food beverage, medical, energy, analytical devices fuel cells. Materials we machine include: alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, aluminum nitride, macor, boron nitride, sapphire, quartz, zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA).

Springs Fabrication, Inc.

Colorado Springs, Colorado


Custom Fabrication Colorado Custom Machining Since 1986, Springs Fabrication, Inc. has been serving the needs of companies nationwide with quality machining and fabrication services. A commitment to delivering high-end engineered metal products to a wide range of industries, including new and existing energy, government and military, and mining and remediation, has been the cornerstone of continued success. What was once a small, two-man job shop is now home to nearly 150 employees operating in over 100,000 square feet of industry leading high bay manufacturing facilities. From the capabilities to manufacture custom designed pressure vessels to fully engineered skidded systems and CNC machine capacity for industrial sized weldments, Springs Fabrication is one of the nation`s premier manufacturers. Product and Services: CNC Machining, Skidded Systems, Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Custom Fabrication, Design, Engineering, Assembly, Testing Industries Served: Existing Energy, New Energy, Government and Military, Mining Remediation, General Industry OEM

leatherneck precision machine

Englewood, Colorado

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


SDVOSB CNC Machine shop located in Englewood, colorado

Kineo Inc

Colorado Springs, Colorado


Kineo is a machine shop located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We manufacture medical device components and also provide machining services to solar, automotive, technology, and industrial companies across the country. The parts we make range from a handful of specialized components to thousands of finished assemblies. We machine metal, plastic, and uncommonly machined materials like urethane. Our emphasis at Kineo is on round parts. We have 14CNC machine tools: 10 CNC Lathes, 4 CNC Milling Machines, and a Citizen A20 Swiss/Screw Machine. With our largest lathes, we can turn 16 inch diameter parts and bar feed 4 inch diameter rods. We regularly process production runs of complex turned parts. Pictured below are two Hass SL-30TB Big Bores, two Haas ST-10s, and one of our four Haas VF-2s. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems and develop unique processes. Kineo has the capacity to process volume orders. Our team of machinists and programmers have years of manufacturing experience and are dedicated to meeting your specifications. Whether you need ten or ten thousand parts, we would be happy quote your job.

Dolan's Welding and Steel Fabrication

5.00 (7)

Johnstown, Pennsylvania



Since 1967, Dolan’s Welding & Steel Fabricating’s goal has been to provide superior quality welded and fabricated products. Our dedication to customer service and years of technical knowledge and skill have allowed us to help clients across all industries reduce costs and meet deadlines. We’re committed to continuing this tradition and we look forward to helping you on your next project.

Metalcraft Industries Inc.

Westminster, Colorado

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We offer “Economies of Scope” as Colorado’s most diverse contract manufacturing partner.

Serving industries from construction & lighting, through medical & aerospace...

Metalcraft Industries is an ISO 9001/ITAR organization:

  • General Introduction <>
  • Forming, Stamping & Fabrication
  • Progressive Die Metal Stamping (up to 180” tool length) <>
  • Deep draw product manufacturing
  • Press-Break sheet metal forming up to 9ft and 150 ton
  • Turret Press blanking and forming
  • Laser Blanks/Laser Cutting (4kW Fiber laser up to 7/8” steel with in-shop generated nitrogen)
  • CNC Machining
  • Robotic Welding and Weldments
  • Assembly, Kitting, and Packaging

We work with standard materials from aluminum, steel, and plastics to exotic materials such as honeycomb and titanium.


Metalcraft provides value as a “Manufacturing as a Service Partner”—packaging supply chain solutions, structuring product lifecycle planning, and supporting your team with VA/VE ideas (DFM - design for manufacturing suggestions).

1.      Metalcraft Industries Inc. (Denver brochure link)

2.      Metalcraft Industries NW: (Seattle brochure link)

King Precision Solutions

5.00 (1)

Erie, Pennsylvania


Hello and thank you for viewing our profile page. We are a molder and a full staffed Machine shop, we have the brightest talent in our area gathered in one business concentrating on a straight forward stress free honest way of doing business. We carry no debt and have unlimited resources. King Precision Solutions has been in the tool building and molding business for 30 years and have done medical molding in a class 10,000 clean room with steel tolerances of .0002" to the gadget with a+- .010" tolerance. We have done business with fortune 500 companies to the Mom and Pop. We have the capacity to design, build, sample, PPAP inspect and run production all here in our U.S. facility. We have the capacity to do all the secondarys needed to give you a full turnkey product.(One company to assume all the responsibility) We will supply the following: Milling, Turning, Swiss Screw, Sheet Metal, all Non-Ferrous, Foam, Mylar, Silicons with a psa coating, Thermoforming. All vertical and horizontal machining needs and fabrication up to 10 tons. If its a project we feel is not our core compancy we will help you find the company to make it a success. Todd King President

Synergy Core Manufacturing specializes in providing outstanding service, quality and on time delivery of CNC Machined components and subassemblies. Our expertise is 3, 4 and 5 axis machining of complex parts from prototype to production, ensuring quality through lean manufacturing methods within our processes. Below is our major equipment list: Mori Seiki, Duracenter 5 Mill with Koma Precision 4 Axis Rotary Mori Seiki, Duracenter 5 Mill with High Pressure Through spindle coolant. Mori Seiki, NV 4000 Mill Brother, TC-S2C Tapping Center Mill with Yukiwa 5 Axis Rotary Table Mori Seiki, NL 1500 5Y (Live tool Lathe) Mori Seiki, SL204 S1500 Lathe Brown and Sharpe, Gage 2000 CMM Focus 200 Optical Comparator Renishaw Equator 300 CMM with DMIS programming 4 seats of Mastercam 2017 with Mill 3D, Multiaxis, Lathe Our working envelope is 20.1" x 20.1" x 31.5" (510MM x 510MM x 800MM)

United Machining Inc.

Englewood, Colorado


United Machining, Inc. has been a growing manufacturing facility in Colorado since 1973. We are a family owned business giving dedicated service, precision and quality for decades to many of Colorado's computer, aerospace, medical, automotive and other commercial manufacturers. With United Machining, you no longer need to contract a sheet metal shop, welding shop and then a machine shop for a particular part or product that requires one or more of these processes. We can do all of these processes at one conveniently located facility. With more than 25,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing floor space, United Machining is committed to producing high quality products for its customers.Our quality control system was planned and developed to effectively incorporate specifications of quality control requirements as stated in ISO 9001:2008. We maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers with unparalleled customer support and a 100% commitment to quality and on time delivery. From the design phase to the machining of parts and components and delivery of the final product to our customers, we take pride in fact that we provide unprecedented quality and service to our customers.

Howell Precision Machine and Engineering, Inc

Colorado Springs, Colorado


PRECISION MACHINING COLORADO WOMAN OWNED Howell Precision Machine and Engineering, Inc. was established on January 1, 2003 in Lancaster, CA. In January of 2011 wemoved our business from Lancaster to beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. We are a woman owned business, and from the very beginning we have been a 100% family operation. Each member of staff is dedicated to providing the very best in precision machining, and to deliveringquality productsat affordable rates andwithin a reasonable time frame. In addition to offering thebest possible service to our customers, Howell Precision Machine andEngineering, Inc enjoys a strong commitment tolocal communities and organizations. Some of our proudest moments include creatingparts forour local high school's robotics team, helping themachieve top awards in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)robotics competitions5 years in a row. Wealso take a strong interest inthe future of the industry,offering internships to highschoolers interested in pursuing careers in machining and engineering. As a family, we are avid BBQ competitors, competing amongst the top members of the Kansas City BBQ Association, having participated in the Jack Daniel's Invitational and American Royal Invitational in 2006. This interest in the BBQ circuit has opened up a new interest in building and repairing specialty BBQ pits for competitors and BBQ connoisseurs. While our main strengths lie in the defense, aerospace, and medical hardware industries, we have been known to fabricate a number of custom parts for trucks, motorcycles,and of course, robots. We also build custom trailersthat can be used to haul anything from a car to large industrial pipes. Essentially, if it's metal, we can make it. Just let us know what you have in mind. Every member of the Howell Precision Machine and Engineering, Inc team make it their personal goal to deliver the very best in customer service and product available. Every order is completed with pride of workmanship, combined with skill and craftsmanship. Our reputation depends on our customers' reputations, and as a result we take every order and every part personally. We perform our best in the 1 to 250 piece order range, and we are especially proud of our Rapid Prototype capability. Every part, large or small, carries the same weight at our facility. We are a full service machine shop, capable of meeting all purchase order and blueprint requirements thanks to the excellent working partnerships we maintain with large material suppliers, our hardware suppliers, and heat treating, plating, and processing companies. EQUIPMENT: 20" x 40" x 20" axis CNC Machining Center. 16 megabytes of memory, 7500 RPM spindle, and 25 tool capacity. 20" x 40" x 20" axis High Speed CNC Machining Center. 16 Megabytes of memory, 10,000 RPM spindle, and 25 tool capacity. 16" x 32" x 20" High Speed Machining Center. Mititoyo BH-506 CMM inspection machine with a Renishaw probe and stylus. Hyd-Mech Vertical Power Band Saw, with full bi-directional mitering capability. Engineering using MasterCam X3, 5axis software. In house welding TIG, MIG, Stick 15" swing x 30" center to center CNC Lathe 6" swing x 15" CNC bar feed Lathe. 16" x 32" x 20" CNC Machining Centers. Various milling machines and lathes. We are currently accepting the following file formats: IGES DFX Pro-E STEP PDF MC6/MC9 MCX

Plastek Group

Erie, Pennsylvania


The Plastek Group, based in Erie, Pennsylvania, is a world class manufacturer of Injection Injection Blow molded plastics packaging for the Personal Care, Home Care, Food Beverage, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceutical Packaging Industries. We specialize in Industrial Design, Product and Package Development, Mold Design and Build, Injection, Injection Blow, and Injection Stretch Blow Molding as well as value added Assembly and Decorating. We invest heavily in and remain on the leading edge of mold making, molding, and assembly technology to keep our customers at the forefront. For nearly 60 years since our founding as a Tool Making Company in 1956 Plastek has grown to become a Global Supplier for many of the world's top Companies. We serve our customers with manufacturing sites in the US, UK, Brazil and Mexico. The standardization of much of our equipment, processes, and protocols around the world make developing and implementing Global Projects simpler, quicker, and with less stress and with much cleaner and shorter communication lines.


Aspen, Colorado


Netec is a high precision manufacturer of metal components. Specializing in Brass Alloys, Netec also has a Hi-Tech manufacturing venture located in India which currently produces components to distinguished customer throughout Europe, Australia and USA. Only high quality brands are used in our manufacturing process to ensure repeatability and quality that all our customers expect. For over 25 years Netec has supported brands such as Schneider, ABB, Hager, Clipsal, Heinemann, BR, and many others.Netec-USA was formed to support companies sourcing product from USA, and to help bridge the gap and provide a high level of service. From this we can choose the best avenue to support your needs.We hope to support you soon. Kind Regards, Shane Borderick (Director of Global Business)

Casper's Electronics

Loveland, Colorado


Casper's Electronics is located in Loveland, Colorado, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Injection Molding, 3D Printing.

Protocast Inc.

DENVER, Colorado


AFOUNDRY and a CNC MACHINE SHOP located in DENVER, COLORADO, USA Our company manufactures metal components in prototype and low-volume production quantities. Whether it is 1 or 12,000 parts, we deliver functionalcomponents and assemblies that meet your demanding delivery schedules. With many complementary processes, we can assist you in producing everything from prototype printed parts all theway upto productiondie castings.

Fast Plastic Parts

Colorado Springs, Colorado


At Fast Plastic Parts LLC, we specialize in affordable tooling, fast turnaround and delivering quality plastic parts on time. We pride ourselves in always exceeding our customers' expectations. We have an ISO-9001 certified quality management system in place with full documentation to insure quality standards and delivery schedules are met. For companies seeking the fastest time to market at the best total value for their plastic parts and molds, Fast Plastic Parts provides the solution. We use cutting edge design techniques that allow us to significantly reduce cost and time required to build molds and make production plastic parts. Fast Plastic Parts utilizes the finest and most modern equipment, automation and processes to deliver the highest quality results every time. Fast Plastic Parts builds over 120 molds each year here in our 23,000 square foot facility. We have 14 molding machines ranging from 20 to 500 ton clamping pressure. In our 25 years of service we have grown into the premier injection molding business of southern Colorado. We make all of our molds here in our Colorado Springs facility so we have full control over quality and delivery times.

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