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4C Air

Sunnyvale, California

4C Air is a nanotechnology company utilizing cutting edge nanomaterials developed from Stanford University. Our goal is to provide the world with cleaner air through nanomaterials. Research and product development are at our core and we currently offer nanomasks and other filtration products.
Advanced Machine Program & Design LLC (ADVMPD) provides precision machining services and engineering support to commercial and government organizations. Our strong knowledge,skills and technology in advanced manufacturing practices. We are dedicated to finding our customers with effective manufacturing solutions That improve the end goal performance. ADVMPD is committed to excellence, high quality and creating innovative Machining Solutions.

ANB Engineering LLC

Sunnyvale, California

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer

ANB Engineering LLC is a specialty optical fiber and assembly contractor working on a variety of US Government and private sector projects. Our specialty is in applications such as high power laser delivery, light coupling, sensing/detection applications, OEM medical designs and light guides. We tackle projects ranging from single fiber pigtails to complex fiber bundles with multiple legs. We also sell raw fiber. ANB Engineering LLC has been in business since 1998 and we welcome the opportunity to partner on your next project!

Lamek Industrial Corporation

Sunnyvale, California


Lamek Industrial Corporation is a fully automated machine shop located in Sunnyvale, CA. For over 30 years, our goal is to supply our customers with unmatched quality products and services. Our specialty is in the manufacturing of precision parts for production as well as prototyping. Our facility is 6,000+ with 10 employees. Many of which, that have been with us for 18 or more years. We specialize in semiconductor, lasers, biotech, medical and other industries and have experience in handling exotic and non exotic metals, many grades of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and copper/brass. Lamek Industrial offers services in house including but not limited to machining, bead blasting, assembly, cleaning (Ultrasonic), packaging, and inspection. We also offer outsourced capabilities including painting, silk screening, welding, and specialized cleaning, and plating. Our equipment includes: Computer Numerical Controlled Mills: Mori Seiki MV40 Vertical Machining Center-----3 each, - X Axis 31.50, - Y Axis 16.10, - Z Axis 18.20 Haas Vertical Machining Center: -----1 each, - X Axis 30.00, - Y Axis 16.00, - Z axis 20.00 Haas Mini Mill Vertical Machining Center: -----1 each, - X Axis 16.00, - Y Axis 12.00, - Z Axis 10.00 Computer Numerical Lathe: Mori Seiki SL-15 Turning Center: ----1 each, - X Axis 4.50, - Z Axis 22.05, - Turning Diameter (Max) 9.06, - Turning Length (Max) 21.20 Manual Machining Centers: - Bridgeport Mills equipped with Baush & Lomb digital readout-----4 each - Hardinge HVL-Tool Room Lathes with digital readout-----3 each

Noron Precision Machining Inc

Sunnyvale, California

A woman-owned business with over 39 years of experience, Noron Precision Machining, Inc. sets the bar for on-time quality precision machined parts, specializing in CNC precision machining of aluminum, plastics, & SS. Established in 1977, Noron has supported machining needs for a diverse array of industries, including medical, microwave, aircraft, auto, computer peripheral, telecommunications, and biotech. We pride ourselves with establishing strong and lasting relationships with our customers nationwide and abroad by offering expert knowledge, quality craftsmanship, and on time deliveries our customers have come to rely on.

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