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Spray Enclosure Technologies, Inc.

Rialto, California


Spray Enclosure Technologies, Inc. is located in Rialto, California, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Fabrication, Sheet Metal, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Wire Harness.

Martinez and Turek, Inc.

Rialto, California



Large scale design and build of aerospace and commercial products. Transporters, workstands, tooling, assemblies. Items must be valued at $25K to $1M or higher.

Prob-Test, Inc.

Rialto, California


For clients with complex, diverse businesses we offer the ability to support product engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain capabilities. Flexibility of production methods, such as hand soldering of components to automated production, allows us to provide prototypes or low/ volume production quantities. PTI's electronics expertise ranges from pulsed laser diodes to microcircuit production. We also provide logistical and repair solutions in a mixed marketplace. Build-to-Specification Engineers designing Build to Specification designs for defense electronics face ever-increasing challenges of implementing increasingly complex systems, while ensuring stringent product quality, security standards and certification criteria. They need to continually develop innovative solutions for difficult and unique embedded defense electronics, while increasing product performance, reliability; and deliver accuracy and robustness that meet exacting standards. Prob-Test, Inc. offers complete, comprehensive system engineering and Build to Spec services for defense electronics. We have over 30 years of experience in providing board and system level solutions that meet the stringent requirements for defense applications. Prob-Test's engineering team is equipped to handle design and systems issues for a wide variety of defense electronics applications, positioning us as a leading organization for build to spec defense system engineering design and support. Prob-Test has the expertise in designing, building and deploying customized Build to Spec solutions for defense electronics that integrate multi-vendor COTS, custom software and hardware engineering. Build-to-Print Build to print is the process in which Prob-Test Inc. produces products, equipment, or components per the customer's exact specifications. Typically, an engineer provides drawings and Prob-Test assumes the responsibility for producing the part or piece of equipment to spec, using the correct materials. All design specifications including performance and quality requirements are strictly adhered to. Benefits Customers will engage with Prob-Test for a build-to-print project when their engineers need components which are not their specialization or which they don't have the capacity or equipment to manufacture. Frequently, an OEM often find it less expensive to outsource certain components that don't match up with their staffing and equipment resources. This is where Prob-Test comes in. We fabricate or source components using your drawings and specifications. Your operations remain streamlined and cost-effective. We specialize in low volume, high mix contact manufacturing and build-to-print projects per your designs. An example of the specialties includes: Precision Component Manufacturing Sub-assembly Manufacturing End-product Manufacturing Engineering Laser Engraving Batteries Laser's Silicon Detectors

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